Hello everybody

Im an HO scale collector and im, until now collect european models made by roco.(all my trains- DCC)
Recently i started to build my new layout and i think to sell all my 13 roco loc's (and cars also) and to collect only american trains.

now my question is: I want to purchase F7 A-B-B-A. i heard that InterMountain is pretty good. is anybody have these loc's? and what other loc's can you recommend me?

Personally, I think Athearn Genesis makes the best F-unit right now. Intermountains looks very good too (I have two on order from them). If you want to paint it your self, you can get a shell from Highliners (the same shell athearn uses) and a drive unit from athearn or intermountain.
I asked about the intermountain F units because i've seen F units of other manufacturer and i like the intermountain the most, although the athearn is pretty good too
The Athearn Genesis line is probably the top of the line when it comes to "F" units. Intermountain may well be next, followed by Stewart. There's a lot of discussion out there between Stewart and Intermountain, usually talking about the shell details and the running mechanism.

Just so there's no confusion, Athearn also makes a regular line (in the blue label box) F7, as well as the Genesis line F7. The "Blue Box" F7 is a decent model, but it is from seriously old tooling and was originally sold under the brand name Globe. The Genesis line F series are built from the Highliners FxA and FxB kits (where "x" is anything from 3 to 9) on Athearn's Genesis drive line. I have worked with the Highliners kits and they are without equal in terms of detail fidelity. There are small differences in the nose contour and windshield contour between the Intermountain and Highliners/Genesis shells from what I understand, with the Genesis Fx units being held up as closer to the prototype. While the Intermountain Fx units are exceptional, Athearn's painting and printing is second to none, leaving the choice, in my opinion, very clear in favor of the Athearn Genesis model.