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I figured to finally join a forum and "come out of a closet" as a model railroad wannabe.

I always loved trains; even had family members work on the railroad; I had model trains when I was young; and now longing to get back into a hobby.

Still undecided about what my first (return to the hobby) gauge/layout would be: N or H0 (I have space limitations at the moment).

But, I already learnt a first joke: N=Normal ; H0=Highly Over-sized. I think that one came from a N user, so no wonder. :rolleyes:

That's about it. If I have stupid questions, please be kind to a n00b.


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Welcome to the best forum on the web. No fighting or nit picking allowed! Don't be afraid to ask questions. We have people on here from beginners like you to folks with many, many years of experience. There is no such thing as dumb or stupid questions. The only dumb or stupid question is the one never asked!


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Good call on joining in, welcome aboard!
Dig around, ask questions, tell stories... Great way to start off!


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Welcome to the forums, as Rico said - good call on joining here and as Carey said - the only dumb question is the one not asked. If you are a novice to model railwaying then you will have an (almost) endless source of experienced information here. If your an experienced modeler, then I am sure you will be able to add to the experience pool that already exists.

Either way, have fun and don't be a stranger.


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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Still trying to figure out where to begin again with the hobby.

I spent past several months watching (and still am) YT videos from various modellers which re-sparked my desire to do something myself. Although, now I feel my head is filled with all kinds of (biased and conflicting) information.

So, I need to find firm ground and this forum seemed to be the right outlet to come to.
Well a good place to start. Is to ask yourself what era what you want to work in yards or watch you train run that will effect the size of layout your yards take up more room.


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Glad to have you on the forum. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure that someone here will have an answer.


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Hi TL - if I may take the liberty to call you by that?
Glad you decided to join us and get involved. All that have welcomed you are long time experienced modelers so any of us should be able to offer a solution or even several options to consider.

I'll take the liberty and mention a few things you'll need to consider, one of which your already faced with, space and scale.

Depending on your age, agility & eyesite, especially if you like constructing building kits or assembling models and doing detailing a larger scale such as HO is a lot easier to work with compared to 'N' scale but 'N' does allow you to fit about twice as much into the same space.

I've been in HO ever since I was very young and stayed with that scale as it seems to offer the best of both worlds, fairly small yet big enough to see most detail but I still need glasses and tweezers at times like most of us.

The main consideration you need make is is what area you can afford to build a layout in? It's a proven fact that if you have a room that is say 10'x12' or even smaller, an around the wall layout is the way to go as it offers much easier access to most all areas and you can view your trains against a background and walk around the center as you operate and also get more operation into your layout easier as well as a more irregular track plan rather than a plain oval that gets real tiring real soon.

As has been mentioned and I noticed your Diesel Avatar, you'll need to consider what radius curves particular loco's require as that will dictate the minimum radius's you'll need on your layout. Of course if your going to just have a straight switching layout curves won't be involved unless you want an 'L' shaped layout.

Being that your space is somewhat limited you will probably need to go with loco's that will handle an 18" radius curves or possible even smaller diesels that will handle even smaller radius's and they can still be very enjoyable.

Let us know the space you have as there are several individuals that are a wiz at using a computer aided track planning program such as SCRAM available as a free download on the forum here or others. I imagine some of these individuals would
be glad to try and come up with an imaginative track plan for you or maybe your also good at doing this?

I hope I've offered something to consider but again if you have questions don't hesitate to ask

Oh, also stop in at the ANPL coffee shop/ 'Running Bears' Coffee shop' named after a fallen friend of the group. You can talk about what things your trying to solve or just about anything else.

Welcome aboard,

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G'day.....WHAT THEY SAID....This is the best forum...In regard to model rail , it's THE FORUM... IF you can't find answers , can't have fun and can't make a whole bunch of great new friends here then you're either not breathing or from another universe...This lot are the best...Any mob that accepts pests like me as readily as they do are amazing...Decisions , decisions on N or HO...I do HO myself but N is also fantastic...It's just that HO allows a bit more choice perhaps over N , O , G and S scales...just the same , any of the other scales will provide you with a ton of enjoyment...Great to have you with us....Cheers Rod


As David mentioned, there are some things you need to decide.
Not to limit yourself, but to focus yourself.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, it is REAL EASY to get distracted by all the nice things that are outside your main interest.

HOWEVER, it is YOUR railroad and you can do whatever you wish.

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