Hello from Krakow, Poland!


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A while ago I started a blog (http://h0traindepot.com/) dedicated strictly to H0 model railroading. I'm preparing a post about various discussion forums about H0 train models. I decided, that the best route would be to actually register and say "hello" on each forum I plan to write about - I guess it's obvious, but still I'm outlining my motivations.

That said, I'm curious...

..what is the skill level on this forum? Do you consider it to be better suited for beginners, or more advanced modelers?

..what scales are the most common here?

..is there some favorite producer (producers) - or a brand - that is mostly often talked about on this forum?

..is this an world-wide forum, or a localised one?

..do you post on just this forum, or on others as well?

Thank you in advance for replies and any hints about the above topics!

PS. Would it be OK to post news about new articles on the blog on this forum? I do not want to spam anyone here :)
Hi and welcome!
As for your questions...

:all levels of skills

:N and HO seem to dominate but there are many others as well

:all brands are discussed, both for their good and their bad qualities

:definately world wide, we even have a guy from Poland!

:I post mainly here but I know of guys who also use other froums, and some that have their own
Hello and welcome. Like Rico said there are many different skill levels here and model ranges from tiny to large. There is a wealth of knowledge on here from all over the globe. All brands and types are talked about from scenery to the model themselves to even brands of construction materials used in benchwork. I too mainly post here, but when I find a decent blog or forum to post on then I do that from time to time. Hope you join in on many discussions that go on here and share with us your layout and modeling. Again, welcome aboard
Thank you for a warm welcome and the answers!

As for discussions - I would like to take part, but my first duty is to the kids (as was outlined in the first post non the blog), and I already feel they deserve more of my time.

Well... maybe when the site takes off and I get insanely rich, I will have enough time for everything. But I guess, We all know how it goes...

As for layout - I'm still in planing phase. I have some rough idea, that I will certainly discuss here, but I still have to learn a lot. Last time I've did a layout it was all analog, now there is a whole digital world to explore for me.
Hi BS502,
All the way from Krakow, Poland too. Alright!!

Glad you joined in, as has been stated before the skill levels vary but everyone can learn something too.

Then again too the scales vary considerable but I would imagine that HO & N comprise the biggest majority but I think we have members is all the different scales.

As your probably aware it's a very friendly forum with lots of info freely passed around!

Hope you enjoy the place.
Welcome to the forum and dont hesitate to ask any questions. I too am from Poland, came here in '82.