Have you been paying attention...

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Been Nothin' Since Frisco
...to the recent additions to the photo gallery of forum member JBL?

Here's his gallery:


Jens is doing some fabulous work in styrene, scratchbuilding all types of things from flatcars to log stackers. You don't have to be an expert scratchbuilder to appreciate the clean, crisp lines of his work, the uniformity of so many intricate parts and the precision with which each part of each model is executed.

Each area of the hobby has its masters. Among my favorites are our own Joe Fugate for scenery and Mellow Mike for weathering. These guys are so far beyond just talented its ridiculous. I'd put Jens in the same category for scratchbuilding.

This forum may not have the sheer volume of traffic that say the Model Railroader or Atlas forums have, but that doesn't matter. This is truly a case of quality over quantity. So, take five and soak up the photos and text these folks post - I guarantee you'll learn something and enjoy doing it.


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
jacon12 said:
Yes, I've been paying attention. Don't ya just hate talented people.. ;)

Just when I thought I was getting good at weathering a few years ago, I stumbled across a guy called Mellow Mike, and that theory was instantly dead. And as soon as I got my scratchbuilding skills together I start seeing work from Brian Banna and Jens. It is depressing!

But seriously, give these guys a look. There's some real talent right here on this board.

Mellow Mike

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Ryan, you're too kind. Stop it already. Are you applying for Matt's old position as head of Mellow Mike PR....?


Seriously though, I try to limit myself around the Web. Nothing says egocentricity like posting just about every freight car, loco, or project one does on multiple forums. I've witnessed it - and it's what keeps me frugal with my own presentations.

I personally feel that oversaturation ruins a forum appeal - and that some folks ought to "find a primary base of operations" and develop a reputation there. Readers forum-surf around, and word of mouth will pull new fans to your home turf without a modeler having to showcase an XYZ boxcar on five or six forums concurrently.

I'm a big fan of Joe's work - and it's refreshing that he pretty much sticks to MR and this forum. The same with you, Ryan. When I look for photos of your handiwork, I know to come over here. I have not voluntarily posted new projects here in some time now. Just to let great modelers like you shine. Sure, once in a while someone does a really special item, and adding an extra forum or two to the traveling medicine show tour is okay. But not on a frequent, regular basis.


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Have you been paying attention
I have to plead guilty this time. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. That work if it's not the best it's certainly on par with the best. Guess I'd better make the photo gallery a daily visit.
Excelent work Jens



Been Nothin' Since Frisco
Well, Mike, I just had to draw you away from your workbench for a bit and make your cheeks a little red. It looks like it worked. ;) But, I'll leave the dirty work to Matt. :D

You make a good point regarding "oversaturation" and since you pointed that out a while back, I've tried to stick around here to show what little work I do. This might be "my" home, but I sure would like to see your showcasing posts return. I don't do near the volume of work most other folks do, so if you're giving me the floor, please, step in, there's plenty of room.

By the way, great job on that NYC hopper a few weeks back! And, yeah, those log bunks are nice. I've got a pulpwood flat in the works that is going to need something similar to that...


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Oh...well. Thank you all for your kind words, but.....I am far away from being a master. But I am aware of the fact that people like to see what others are building. For the purpose of learning or just for entertainement. I enjoy these threads too. Instead of only consuming I thought it would be a good idea to show something from my workbench.
Speaking of my workbench remembers me that I was about to clean that messy spot/room...

Greetings from germany,


That is indeed a nice series of photos. Being a fan of logging railroads, I've been watching them pretty closely.

I also just realized that I should probably add another forum or two for things like scratchbuilding and kitbashing. Is that something folks would be interested in, or do the existing topics cover that area?


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
I don't think it would be a bad idea, Bob. I actually wondered where to put the thread. My first thought was "Locomotives and Rolling Stock" but I realized the log stacker is neither. I settled on General Discussions because there wasn't a catch-all place for Jens' work. I suppose "Showin' Off" would work - that's where I put my scratchbuilt billboard - but a Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding forum might be better. There's plenty of stuff that is currently posted that would qualify. Space Mouse might be a regular contributor with those cool structures...


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The Log bunks have me most interested as well... eventually I'm going to have to come up with a mess of 50' flatcars with bunks on them.


OK, I've added a couple forums for scratchbuilding and kitbashing and re-organized things a bit. Let me know how you like the new topics and as always I'm open to suggestions for other categories.

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