"Hand-made" glass


Diesel Detail Freak
I'm posting to see if anyone's used the Testor's "clear parts cement & window maker" to make windows? I'm fooling around with it today and have before in the past, noteable examples being the windows on my Yard tractor, and Athearn KW Semi.

Anyone else?
I haven't used that stuff, but I have used Microscale Kristal Kleer. I made windows in an all weather window and it worked great.
I have used it for some small windows in HO scale Autos and trucks. It works quite well in the small areas. I think it would not work so well for larger windows.
One thing I've noticed, so far, is to make the intial window, I fill the spot, and tip it upside down, so the glue runs to the outside of the model. About 6 hours later I tip it over and put another layer on.