GP38-2 Life-Like detail parts

Just got a GP38-2 Life-Like (Missouri Pacific Line #2026). The locomotive includes a lot of detail parts but unfortunately with the new box LL use there's no more picture or information how to apply the detail parts to match the prototype.
Does anybody know if the detail parts LL delivers with the specific model always belong to the prototype (winterisazation hatch, bacons, antennas,...) Also there are 2 grey parts I can't identify.

Does anyone have a picture or idea?

Thanks a lot lot in advance!

Proto includes the same pack of parts with every engine, so you may not need all or even any parts for your model. My best advise is to consult photos of your engine to see what is needed and where to put it.
this is a great site to look up engine photos. It has a very nice search feature.

As for the grey parts, the light grey part in your pictures looks like the drill template.
That light gray piece looks like it should fit inside the side window boxes - perhaps it has something to do with fitting them on the model?

What's that collection of plastic droppings at the bottom of the photo - below the shades and numberboards?
Meanwhile I've got a picture and some answers from a German forum following also your ideas.
It seems that the grey part is a drill-template but where to place and for what?
The small parts on the bottom are sockets I think.

Meanwhile I've got a photo from the prototype of the #2026:
- no beacon light (unfortunately)
- snow plows
- no winterization hetches

All MP GP38-2 seems to be very different in details.

Unfortunately a main part is not correct: the exhaust; there are 4 exhausts equiped with spark arrestors. So I've to find them maybe at Walthers