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I'd guess if it's going in the garden this is okay.
Looking forward to some pictures, what track are you going to use?


Going to use the Atlas O track - it comes treated for UV already, and the middle rail is blackened so it's not as noticeable...
I've probably got months of prepping the yard first!
g scale indoors and outdoors

some items to address the above questions:

1) starter set power supplies are made to run the train in the box only, don't expect them to power a two-motor engine (like a six axle diesel).

but, it doesn't mean you must shell out hundreds every year to get the bigger engines to run well. one purchase of a quality pack could serve you for years perhaps decades.

lgb, piko, aristo, mrc all make some good units.

lgb's controllers are excellent like the 51070 (street $150).
piko now has a similar item too. these throttles need a power supply but you can use DC or AC fixed-output transformers like the brilliant Mean Well switching power series @ 6+ amps for under $50USF. once set up, you don't have to worry about running lgb sound equipped with these. very expandable as your needs grow too. see www.reynaulds.com

aristo's large power supply has 10 amps or more and you can use the train engineer system for radio controlled wireless, you can also use a low cost Mean Well unit with the Train Engineer.

mrc has the Power G pack (street $160) that will run one train out of the box , gives you 10 amps at 22 volts, and you can "add throttles" to it (like the LGB 51070 or Aristo TE) as your pocket book and train sets grow...

yes, there are lots of track systems now. i stick with Lehmann/Marklin. i prefer the system outline and turnouts from LGB. also, you can get used LGB off ebay for really good prices and used LGB track works like new.
rail clamps are worth the extra expense!

I had never known how much rail clamps improve your train layout until i purchased a bulk pack and removed my LGB rail joiners and replaced them with the rail clamps....I have always found the LGB rail joiners the best rail joiner of all track systems I have used. But now I realize that the clamps are way more effective.

Rail clamps will keep conductivity between sectional tracks at the highest possible levels without soldering, also there is a huge added benefit: the rails never slide apart and derail your trains!

i have an indoor carpet layout, and even indoors the tracks will get bumped or over a period of runtime the rail joiners slide apart and the cars derail.

Note if you buy the clamps, It is vital that you purchase rail clamps that connect to the rails of your tracks, NOT "OVER THE RAIL JOINER" style, because those are ineffective over time.

Rail joiners, like even the brilliant LGB track brand, over time collect lots of goo and grease and other riff-raff in them as your trains run over months and years. After a while, this goo will stall trains and simply interrupt power flow completely.

It is WORTH the money and time it takes to pull off the rail joiners (of what ever brand track system you have--it will work with USA Trains and Aristo Track, Piko too...any Code 332 system can have this boosted performance) and "clamp" the track together.

Indoors you might think this is "overkill" but it really isn't--within 6 months brand new tracks on your carpet will start to lose power flow from simple running because the rail joiners will start to loosen and goo and dirt will start to collect in them.

Outdoors this is definately a requirement.
if you use clamps you save lots of time and hassle compared to soldering the rails, also, in the future the tracks come apart if you need to modify or change or sell the tracks.

also, track expansion can still work with a variable length piece of sectional track positioned in various places around the layout. lgb has made one available for over 30 years, there are other brands that are very good at keeping the sun's expansion and contraction in step with your pike. no need to worry about clamping rails.


Stuck in the 1930's
OK, So here goes.....

What is the story on the G scale 18,000 gallon N&W tenders behind the Aristocraft 2-8-8-2's? Thats not their tender. Was it ever produced?


Curse You, Red Baron!
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I need to replace the curved Bachman track on Christmas tree setup.
What brand do I want? Looking at aristocraft or LGB.
Which and Why, please.

disneyland fred

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Unknown Manufacturer - Brass G Scale Freight Car


I am new at G Scale. I've inherited a collection of trains from an old friend and would like to start working with these.

The collection is quite an assortment. I thought I'd pick the type/maker I like best and stick with that.

I have some, that I can't find the maker for . . . pictures are above for one of the cars.

This car appears to have a brass roof and is made of metal (maybe brass?).

I was told the bottom has been sand cast -- it's numbered 100-20

Can anyone help me find who made this car? I have a few like this, and think this might be the best for outside.

It appears to be G Scale, fits on the track.



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Gandy Dancer
Mentioned earlier, was the split-jaw clamps. This is from their website:

Dear Split Jaw Customers,
We want to thank you for all your amazing support. We have had an overwhelming response from our model train hobby community since we announced our retirement and pending closure in May.
It is with heavy hearts we now announce we will not be taking any new orders. We cannot in good conscience take any more orders knowing how many we currently must fill before we close.
We are so sorry for this change, but integrity is important, and we want to do what is right!
**Please keep checking back. If we find we have surplus of an item we will put it on the website for sale.**
These are some of our dealers you may want to contact if you need our products, Reindeer Pass, RLD Hobbies, Charlie Ro Supply Company, Only Trains, Upland Trains, Trainland/Trainworld, Winona Garden Railway, and Garden Railroad Supply Co.
God bless you and thank you again,
Jerry, Jan, and the Split Jaw Family


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Mentioned earlier, was the split-jaw clamps. This is from their website:

Dear Split Jaw Customers,
we now announce we will not be taking any new orders. We cannot in good conscience take any more orders knowing how many we currently must fill before we close.
Jerry, Jan, and the Split Jaw Family

Well - that is a bummer for sure! Any details as to why they are quitting?

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