Fun Fare 5/3


Yet another railroad related story from the 1949 FUN FARE: A Treasury of Reader's Digest Wit and Humor.
The delivery of the first of a series of lend-lease locomotives biult in America for use in England was the occasion for a ceremony. Because the locomotive was stripped of all but essential parts the British, with typical reserve, named it the "Austerity."
For some reason the American workmen at Schenectady, where it was built, had called it the "Gypsy Rose Lee.
Lady_Railfan said:
Hehehe. And I'll bet none of the young guys on here will get that one. :D

Claudia- That is one reason I decided to post these railroad related stories.
There are many references to everyday things pre-1949 that give us insight into the importance of railroads.
I was aware of the lend-lease program, but did not know locomotives went to England.
I'll have to research the builder in Schenectady, NY. I have an idea, but want to know for sure.
Plus, coming from the Reader's Digest, I don't think they will be offensive to most people. I have noticed some references that are now no longer politically correct, but will note changes to the originial stories if used.
Hope you continue to enjoy the stories.
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NZRMac said:
Um, That's me!!??

Ken- My apologies to you. I forget this forum bounces around the world. These stories are all older than 1949 and having references to American "current events" is difficult for younger Americans as well as those not exposed to the American "culture".
A stripped down locomotive and a "stripper" were eqivalent to the American builders.:)