Freshest motive power on the GRV.



Freshest motive power on the GVR.

Johnathan (Catt) Edwards CEO of the ever expanding Grande Valley Railroad company released this picture today of the newly aquired and rebuilt C30-7Ms recently outshopped from the company's rebuilding division.


These two units have been completely rebuilt to Dash 9 standards and have completely new electrical systems installed.They will soon be joined by 4 more C30-7s and two Dash 8-40Bs and two B 23-7s.
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Alex,it's the same scheme as before just different colours.Burgandy and light grey instead of blue and yellow.Though I'll admit that it certainly does have an RI look to it that I didn't notice with the blue and yellow.

I think it will shake up the trainshow goers who by now are very used to seeing the old scheme. :D
I have no idea of what you two are talking about, but I do like the loco's and their paint jobs :D
Cheers Willis
Willis,at one point in their history the Rock Island used a red and yellow scheme very much like my Grande Valley units.
err! by jove I believe I got it.

Yes I guess I was concentrating on the GVR logo and couldn't connect it with any of the roads mentioned. I have a couple of Tyco C430's in the Red and Yellow paint scheme that I got on eBay. They're not for running, just parts for kitbashing, the cabs will be used for Alco 630's, kind of a shame because I doubt anyone ever run them. BTW real nice work on the GVR loco's
Cheers Willis