Florida railroad modelers and search quest...

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Grandson of an ALCO Builder
I was wondering a about a couple of things. I guess this is a multiple questions. Some or all would probably be for Modelbob. :D Anyways if others would jump in if this pertains to them.

1. In our "Who is on line" section is there a way to narrow search for like members in our area. Example search by state or by city members etc...?
Maybe this is already being done and I just do not see how to do it?

2. I wanted to know how many Florida members we had and what scale they model etc so I could contact them or possibly "hook up" with them for meets etc...

3. If there are objections to the above mentioned quest I apologize in advance. I understand some thoughts of privacy but I am just trying to meet people for fun.:D



That would be nice, but many will not even enter their region, much less their state or city. Ridiculous, but what can you do.

Try a recruiting post having all from your state respond to you via email.
FYI: GatorDave hails from your state. Obviously! Ha!


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
thanks for the info guys ...as you say though no one seems to want to post there region or state...911 ordeal?

Oh well if anyone is interested in a possible gathering or meet in the florida area let me know...e-mail me or post thanks...


Don't be disheartened, Alco. The Alabama Rail Gang (ARG) was formed from this forum. There were a few of us that were on this forum and knew each other's locations. We each also knew others that would be interested in get-togethers. Now there are about 14 of us of which several have become members of this forum.


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
Thanks for the chin up Rex...I am doing my best ...
I miss the big time RR when I lived out in Arkansas (Little Rock). Everyone loves the RR or worked there. Lots of Clubs and hobby shops too. Florida has a lot of hobby shops in Orlando and Tampa but thats about it. Where I am at nothing to mention or brag about. I have started a little rail fanning but all CSX and 2 local switch companies that run Alcos. :D We do have a club but it is a little odd and not to sure of the politics.


You need a setup like the ARG. The only officer, the "club president", is the one that host the meet at their home or railside; the politics are left to the politicians; the criticism is constructive; and the rivet counters are left outside;) :D Note: all of us live in about a 100 mile radius of each other and try to meet every month or so. Our only by-law is that TRAINS and FUN must be treated equally and together; not separately.

If your area is similar to here in T-town, you have many modelers that are "closet modelers" and are not interested in any structured clubs or serious obligations. While at the LHS try to spot some them and start up a conversation. Many times they are interested in informal get-togethers that are simply aimed at having fun. I used to be one of these closet guys and started meeting guys that knew guys that.. While I still like my private work/play sessions, I get a lot of personal satisfaction by meeting with others to share the fun and ideas.


Railroading Fan~Gator Fan
As Rex said above, I do live in Florida. Pensacola to be exact. I gather from your
post above about shops in Orlando and Tampa that you are in central Florida?

I don't get down that way very often, in fact when I travel I try to go north. I get enough of this heat as it is! :D

Another member, who I have met on one of his trips to Pensacola, is ScubaTerry. He is in the Keys and is(or already may have) moving to the Gainesville area. We keep in touch by email, although I haven't heard from him in awhile.

You might want to check in at the hobby shops in your area for any news of
clubs or swap meets. If you get up this way, let me know and I'll give you a tour of the two great hobby shops around here. There is also a nice layout at the Northwest Florida Railroad Museum in Milton. I am actually considering joining their club. Good luck with your search. Dave


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
I live in Manatee County. City of Bradenton.
Thanks for the invite and suggestions. I go north a lot too. I gotta place in NC I go to a lot in the summers. When my government lets me get away. Meantime I am right here with very little RR action here just a lot of my own MRR action and recently I aquired more rolling stock from e-bay and will post when I receive them.

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