Flashing LED circuit?

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Depending on how electronic savvy you are, this would work. Just add a switch between the power source and the rest of the circuit.


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this one is off ebay, the kit [complete] is a buck [shipped] ..
I searched the Bay but couldn't find one. Please provide your search criteria, or a link.

Thanks to all. I need it in yellow. I knew someone would come up with a circuit involving the ubiquitous 555.


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It's been probably 25 years since I'd seen anything with the 555 timer....Funny that I was thinking the other day about that very circuit.


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Digikey has the yellow ones T 1 3/4 for about $1 ,8,400 in stock I think they also have some T1 $3 ,3 min. T1 is probably what you want for roof flashers ? in HO ?
or https://www.ebay.com/itm/182766199927
There are loads of 555 timer / modules / kits / boards on ebay,
the link Rico provided also has yellow flashing LEDs ,

Keep in mind , Its hard to recommend an exact fit without knowing what the application is .


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looks very similar to the one I photographed, the capacitors might be a bit smaller, but not a big deal ...
the default rate was about 1 flash per second .. the price is a bit higher, but not much either ..


Gandy Dancer
I did find and purchase one. I will soon (how soon? Very soon.) post a video including the project into which it was incorporated.
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lol, just one ???? the things are less than a buck each?? i guess i could have sent you a free one, but the mailing cost would have been more than the buying cost .. think i have two or three dozen left over ... never thought of it till now ??


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Recently when I installed that flashing warning light on the top of the water tower I used a 1.5 incandescent lamp. I like using a lamp for projects like this since the lamp first glows and then gets progressively brighter.

I already had the flasher circuit, but a flasher I purchased for ear warning light on a caboose cost me over $20.00.



Gandy Dancer
Here's what I made. I replaced the blue LEDs with red. The sign is warning to visitors entering the retail side of the Stephens stone yard. The lights flash all the time a train might be present.

When the train comes back into view, you see the loco stall as it tries to climb the hill. There is no sound on this DC loco - that is the actual sound of the wheelslip!



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Well, a clone of the Arduino Pro Mini can be had for probably about $1.50, a small processor board that is factory programmed to blink the on board LED. So no programming is required if all you need is the blink. The blink is also available on a pin of the board, that you can simply connect to another LED with the usual resistor. It has an on board voltage regulator that can step down 12V to run the processor and LED. So all you would need is the board, a resistor, and an LED. Pretty simple. It is off the shelf working with no user programming required.

Edit - actually it's possible to drive LEDs alternately with an output pin, so that suggests crossing grade flasher too...

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