First weathering project


Far away in Chile...
Hi friends, afther a long time watching incredibles works here, I decide to star my first weathering.
I got a new job, in a new city, whit no friends, so I got a lot of free time, and to can use in a good way all this free time (from 7pm), Ill be weathering.
I star whit an "Industrial model" gondola, couse in case of make something wrong... it was really cheap.

Well, the name of this work is "Overload", and is not finished, I want to add metal wheels and good couplers.
PLEASE, be honest, and tell me what do you think about my work.
***If you clik on pics, you can open the full size image

well, I scrap all that I can the gondola

Then whit a Candle (lower temperature), I try to make the "hit" effect on sides, when it was too much (not real), I quickly use a knife on hot plastic to rebuild it. I press between pillars, where the steel its more thin.

I start coloring whit artist colors (oils). I add some trementine... big mistake, it takes a couple of days to dry... for a next time, I will use a thinner.
burnt ciena was used to represent "deep" stain in all the structure (pillars) and golden ochre for ligth stain (panels). I let it dry for a couple of hours, and I wash it whit a brush (nº3 palette) and trementine (few drops) from the top to the bottom.Like wather falling, but trying not to remove the burnt ciena from pillars.
The nail it was used to hold the model.

And finaly, I use some chalk dust (pitt bars):
Faber Castell 9286-190 for fresh stain (red)
9686-280 for darker and old stain
9286-180 for dust
I try to apply chalks when artist colors are still fresh, this way it get some texture. I gently let the dust over the almost dry paint, trying to make difference between exposed and covered parts. I Sprayed whit mate cote, and again a little bit more of chalk to use the spray cote again.
For Wheel set's, I use TestorsFlat Brown Brun mat, and Humbrol Metal cote 27001. Same as the rest, I use chalks to represent dust.

Finally, a photo of all the tools that I used.

Thanks for reading
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I don't know what to say!!! I've been scrolling up and down the pics for 5 minutes!!! Absolutely awesome is the words I'm after:D

A fantastic first job, rates with one of the best.

Wow that is an awesome job, and it's southern pacific!! Keep up the good work really enjoyed looking at your handiwork.
...And you say this is your first weathering job? Wow, I wish mine had looked even half that good! I need to 'bang up' a few scrap metal gondolas for my steel mill, I'll use your photos as a guide.
Thanks to all, thanks very, very much!!!

Now I have to replace those plastic wheels to get a better look.
So I need your help, I want to buy it in USA by internet. What kind of wheel set and coupler's (not too expensive) could be good???

Ken L & REX, if I can help you, it will be an honor for me. So if you want, I can add more information... As a first time, I write everything during the process!

Thanks again to all.

Mike Knuckey
... Now I have to replace those plastic wheels to get a better look. So I need your help, I want to buy it in USA by internet. What kind of wheel set and coupler's (not too expensive) could be good??? ...
Mike, I used P2K metal wheels (33" diameter) on mine, I'm quite happy with them [so far]. I think just about every major online hobby store carries them. I'm not familiar with which ones does alot of overseas shipping though, NZRmac could probably give you a better answer since he's in New Zealand.
nice job, my 1st attempents are just black & rust colored chalk
(I admit I am worried I'd screw it up beoynd functionable use!!!:D :eek: )
Mike, excellent job, that thing looks better than some of the real prototypical cars. You might want to consider Kadee couplers. They are excellent. But another choice with which I consider greatly is Bachmann EZ-Mate couplers.
Hi friends, Thanks again for your kind words. As you can see in my last phot (to the rigth) I already star a new project, now its a Champion Sparks box car by model power, yeah I know, its not a good detailed model, but I'm learning!!! For the next time, It will be something better.

I will like to heard what do you think about this couplers, I buy 5 packs... to try!!!

Ok, friends Ill wait for your comments.

Mike Knuckey