Evolution of a Modeller

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I was looking through one of my parts bins and came across my first kit bashing attempt. About twelve years ago, I decided I wanted a CN SD50F. I had seen a picture of a model someone else had done and decided I could do one too. I bought an Athearn FP45 shell and adapted it to fit the Athearn SD45 chassis I had. I planned to swap the two shells because I couldn't afford a powered FP45. Some hacking and slashing and a CN Wide Cab later, I had my SD50F, sort of.
As the years past my modelling skills grew and I became more fixated on being "prototypical". I soon realised that my SD50F was not very accurate, and was not up to my current standards. Then in July 1998, Model Railroader did an artical on CP's SD40-2F Red Barns. Being a big CP nut now, I decided to build a Barn. And while I was at it, I'd build a new SD50F based on those drawings. This time I used a Rail Power SD60 chassis with an Athearn drive. I used a resin CN Wide Cab and built the carbody out of styrene and Cannon and Co. doors.

I can remember being very proud of building that first SD50F, but now I just laugh at my self and how far I've come. I can see several improvments I could make to the 5503, but I am still very proud of this model. It is one of my best.

I hope you enjoy seeing the difference a few years can make, and I hope some of you will share your own evolution stories.

Happy Modelling everyone,
Fred B.

Pic 1: My first Kit Bash CN SD50F 5400
Pic 2: My second attemp at an SD50F CN 5503
Pic 3: The two models side by side


Diesel Detail Freak
SWEET, not I have something to compair my relitively simple to assemble Kaslo SD50F too! Looking good, all your kit-bashes are awesome, I wish I could see more.


I think both bashes are nice Fred. Really nice work. I'd like to see more of what you've done.

Ditto, Fred!
I have to laugh at me showing evolution. I am still evolving daily. Ha!:D Seriously though, I can see a lot of differences in how I do things now versus 3 years ago when I started this layout. Where I had a layout in the late 60's, I never got into much detailing/scenery, so everything on the present layout is pretty much evolving as I go along. Heck, I have torn out and re-done many things already because of learning better methods with more realistic results.;)

Steve B

I find it's easy to forget just how crude my first attempts were, compared to now, you live and learn


Active Member
WOW!! Very nice. I like them both, but your second one is very nice

Do you have more pics?

Thx for sharing

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