End of September Photo Fun

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A Burlington Northern GP38-2 pulls a train of mixed freight West across the river.

It is a busy day here in Traintown.


Steve B

i have started on a little office block project, this was a central heating boiler vent made of stainless steel, it been flattened out and re shaped, sort of. there is no supporting structure in it yet hence the wobbley, wavey look. Should be great when its done, not sure if i should leave it in bare steel or paint it, ?????




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Steve, the office building looks great! As an architectural buff specializing in modern office architecture, I can tell you that the bare steel looks very convincing, although you must "dull out" some of its reflective properties. However, should you decide to paint it, may I recommend an off-white color or concrete?

Finally, maybe a small corporate logo on the very top brow of the building would give the structure some character? I'm really liking this project, and look forward to more of your updates!

Steve B

i just happen to have a tub of concrete paint, i got it at a model railway show a while back, it's lightley textured as well, i'll give it a try on some of the scrap pieces left over

grande man

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Great pics guys. Steve, I like the "office". :cool:

Since we haven't taken any new pics in a while, I'm going to kick in a few "reruns"... :D

Eastbound coal drag departs CF&I's Mine #4 bound for Pueblo.

Friendly CB&Q engineer waves to the camera from his GP20.


Hello,me from THAILAND
Cute idea to produce modern facet like that.
Myself not at home this weekend, but I did a photo set on thursday.
Because I saw a Thai varnecular fishery habitat model standed in my collage for weeks ago. I estimated that its scale might be fitted with my tiny TGV.
So, I made a mission by dumping my tiny rails and cars on it, pluging in the lamp, and taking some shots.


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Nice to hear you got a new PM P_Pop. Looking good everyone, I'm being lazy this weekend so far. I'll get pics later today fater I finish installing the steps on the slug.

Oh hey did you know Wal*Mart has x-acto knifes!? I was wandering the crafts section for some new brushes today, and discovered that they carry x-acto knives. No more high hobby store prices for me!


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jbaakko said:
Two shots of my AC Models 53' AP spine. I have to pick up some sort of clamp to bend the wheel platforms & A/B unit ends, otherwise they look awesome.
Mine are still in the box, and probably will be for awhile. Too many projects, and too much homework :rolleyes:

Here's what I spent most of this afternoon on; several hundred A-line wheels that needed to be trimmed and painted. They're all destined for RoadRailers eventually. I also did a test shot of aluminum on a RoadRailer roof to see if my masking would work. It did, so I'll probably spend several evenings this week painting a couple hundred RoadRailer tops.

That is, if I'm not working on the other 53' spine car project...the one that involves extensive design work and tooling...;)...


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Sweet, reworking the Walther's 48' spine? I'm gonna try to snag ONE more 53' before Alan sells it all off, that and an NTTX spine... I gotta get more 48' ones too. The needs of modern intermodal! Have fun with the masses of roadrailers!


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Great photos everyone!

Here is my contribution.

CNJ F-3’s rolling through Castle Rock with a general merchandise freight.





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