Easy Way to Make Super Trees!

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Streamlined method to make some of the nicest looking trees around!!

Simple 4 minute video:


Thanks for Looking!


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Thanks for the post. These make excellent looking Aspens. I think I will give them a try. I have a perfect place for them on my layout.


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I agree the Scenic Express kit trees do look great when completed and installed on a layout. I have to add just several comments to the great video you posted for the Forum Members.

First, I didn't soak my trees in matte medium and maybe I should have to make the tree(s) stronger. The stems and branches are very fragile. I painted only the trunks of the foreground trees.

Since I didn't use matte medium, I sprayed the branch armature(s) using both "cheap" hair spray or 3-M adhesive to bond the foliage to the branch armature(s) and then added the foliage. After the foliage was applied I sprayed a second coat of adhesive to bond the foliage. Scenic cement would also work for the second coat of adhesive as suggested by the video.

I mixed different colors of foliage to get a "natural" look to the trees. In addition, I also used different grades of ground foam from fine to medium.

Plant the trees in heavy groupings for the best effect or group in odd numbers.

Approximately 30 trees were produced from the Scenics Express box of armatures that retailed for $30.00. Some smaller trees or bushes can be made from the remaining product.

Use some painted armatures without foliage to model "dead" trees, but don't over due.

When planting, insert the trunk deep within the scenery and bond with white glue.

I did a scenic background using individual Scenic Express trees to hide some trackage. The trees are planted on a piece of foam and is removable. Finished Scenic Express trees are planted in heavy groupings in other areas of the layout.

The trees are simple to make. Chet is correct that these trees will make excellent Aspen or Birch trees.





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Forgot to show a couple of photos of the Scenic Express trees in the background to hide trackage. The areas are not completed in the photos.





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Thanks, Chevron. Nice thing about the forum we get input from a variety of sources. Thanks, Greg, for your input as well!

I first tried a different method from someone elses youtube video but it proved more work and more of a mess. He used spray paint to color the foliage and stems. It is a pretty quick method, not a bad idea, but you need an adequate work space to handle the fumes.


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I like that you added "... dry my hand off". Otherwise you can't tell the forest from the fingers.

Thanks for the video.

Is Woodland Scenics the favorite brand of Woody?

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