Dry-Bulk Semi Trailer Project (caution - photo intensive)

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Chris, I appreciate the kind words and the MRH suggestion - I'm truly flattered.:eek:

That being said, I don't think my writeup meets all of Joe's requirements. I've written a few articles for him in the past, and even though I can always use the $$, the amount of time spent on preparation and reviewing is huge - it outweighs the money compensation.

One weakness of my writeup is that I can't provide a complete bill-of-materials, since I was using lots of random scraps from my workshop. I also don't have any of my own prototype photos that I can include with it. And there's no video or other exotic media features to go with it, which Joe & Co. really like to have [to differentiate themselves from straight paper mags].

I've already let this trailer project consume too much of my time, I need to get back to preparing my recently-rebuilt layout for operating sessions. But thanx anyway for your MRH idea :)


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These are fantastic. I have been wanting to build some of these in N-Scale for some time and have lots of photos of the trailers from the 1970s to work from. The way you have built these will help me to build mine (I Hope). I will post pics when and if I get one built.

Now to take this and convert to N-Scale.

You should get moulds made and cast what ever you can. Many people will want these on their layouts.

Excellent work.

L&N RR modeller.



Those trailers look outstanding! If you ever get someone to help cast these and get around to selling them, you can count on me for a few of them :D


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HO dry bulk trailers

It all started about 3 months ago, with this photo from JR59's Harbor Belt layout thread: http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=255782&postcount=4

I asked him where he got his dry bulk trailer, and found out that it is a brass model with a MSRP of ~$400: http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/showpost.php?p=255930&postcount=14

A short while later I learned that there are some plastic models of that design produced, but even those are $80/ea. ($90 for the plated version). Still too rich for my blood. So if I really wanted cement-hauling rigs on my layout, I was gonna have to follow Karl's suggestion after all. Except I wouldn't use balsa, but Plastruct ABS tubing, Evergreen strip styrene, and a whole lotta J-B Weld epoxy!

I've been totally obsessed with this project ever since that time. The fruits of my labor are what I call '3-foot-view' models, not detailed enough to look at them up close without seeing all the flaws. But hey, that's really all I need: Static scenery props for my cement distribution facility.

Here are some of the highlight images:



















That's an impressive amount of scratchbuilding and some very nice models. Must have taken a while to achieve. I have an alternative suggestion for those who don't have the time or modelling ability to create something similar, my Shapeways 3D-printed trailers. I have now produced quite a range in N, HO and even S-scale. They are delivered as a one-piece item (although some have end-caps for the tanks due to manufacturing restrictions). They do however require some primer/filler coats and sanding-down before final painting. With a little patience, a very decent model can be produced (see photos). baztrainsIMG_0297-compressed.jpgIMG_0291-compressed.jpg


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