Dremel Failure!

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Brakeman Hal

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Yesterday as I was using my Dremel to cut through a rail to allow for the fit of a turnout switch, the motor kept running but the saw blade stopped!

I opened up the tool and found that the non-metallic coupling between motor and output shaft had disintegrated! There were fragments of it in the nose of the tool.

So I bought another one right away, for $69.95 minus my 10% Military Service discount.



Section Hand
I would be lost without my Dremel tool. If I ever need another it with be the cordless version which would be great for installing track. I used mine yesterday to cut off a turnout actuating rod, but needed an extension cord to operate the Dremel in the location I was working. A cordless would of been handy to use in this case.



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You're probably forcing the tool. Dremel bearings and couplings aren't designed for excessive side loads. You have to let the tool do the work. I damaged one before I learned this.


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I have both a Dremel and a less expensive B&D version of the same tool. I bought the Dremel several years back and the B&D I got from dad's when he and mom moved from a house to an apartment and no longer needed it. I used mine just yesterday as a plunge router working on a project with the grandson.


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mY OLD Dremel - purchased mid 60's - finally let out the blue smoke a year plus back. It was about the size of a cardboard insert of a toilet paper roll. I bought one pretty cheap from Harbor Freight, but I really don't like it that much. It is bigger, twice as heavy, and the on/off switch in on the opposite side from the speed control - not handy!
How large is the NEWER Dremel?

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Brakeman Hal

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There are now 3 or 4 different Dremel models...mine is the model 3000, and it's slightly larger and more powerful than the one that failed.

My old Dremel was the Model 395, with a speed range of 5000-30,000 RPM with a 1.15 amp motor.
The new one is the Model 3000, with a speed range of 5000-35,000 RPM with a 1.20 amp motor.


Iron Horseman

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The one I bought in 1982 is having bearing issues. It is the one with variable speed and the long flexible extension to the chuck. So much nicer than the big fat short shank ones. I see the extension is now a separate thing and can be added to most of the modern units. Might have to get into the market again and find a replacement.

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