DPM Powerhouse re-imagineering

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CNR Glen

I have a scenic divider on my layout to divide the larger city from my rural area. My mainline goes through the divider/backdrop and I have to try to diguise the hole.
I remembered an old article by Art Curren in an 80's Model Railroader that tackled the same problem using a structure stradling the track.
I found that DPM's powerhouse structure would fit the bill, but I couldn't use the entire kit, more like a low-profile building against the backdrop. Since I didn't need all the kit I bought the modular parts to build what I needed (much cheaper too)
As it turns out I could only use half the building and I had to alter the front of the building so the track can go through.
I started to design the front wall.

The original kit was only 1 storey on the front and I changed it to 2 to there is a storey over the tracks. I also plan to have a spur going into the building to deliver coal for the boiler. After figuring out the front I glued all the panels together. One thing I almost screwed up on are the Pillasters that hold the wall sections together. There are two sizes included a narrow and a wide. The narrow ones are only used on the corners, the wide ones are for joining the walls together.
This afternoon I glued all the walls together.

CNR Glen

I've done some work on the front wall with the tall windows. Since I increased the lower wall by 1 storey, I cut about 3/4 of a storey off the bottom of the other wall. It will still be the tallest building in my city but I didn't want it to overpower the others.

With the walls all assembled I began with painting.

I used Krylon Adobe for the base color and then randomly sprayed both Polly-S rust and Model master dark tan over top to give some variety to the bricks. The motoar was done with a 50-50 wash of country grey acrylic and water.
I plan to do a painted sign on the top so that's why there is a white stripe across it.

I airbrushed all the windows and doors in Model master muedium green.

CNR Glen

Aside for the window glass, the walls are ready for assembly.

The sign is lettaset dry transfers. I brushed various tans and brown chalk on the brick for the final look. Being an industry that burns coal I'll probably add an overspray of black later in spots.

I'll add the window glass and start assembling the walls together shortly.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Coming along very nicely. I used an old AHM engine house similarly as a wall pass through. Except mine is on an angle.

CNR Glen

I managed to assemble the lower portion of the building.

The opening on the right is the mainline, the smaller one on the left will be the coal delivery spur.

I added interior walls to the mainline's opening. I mounted them on angles to ensure that the trains will clear them becaise it's on a slight curve.

CNR Glen

I got the upper brick wallwith the large windows in last night.

This was a bit tricky since there wasn't much for the wall to be attached with. I have to use some styrene strip to splice the two sections together.
And then today I got the roofs cut and attached

I also added the cornice to the lower walls. I decided to leave it off the upper wall. The brick structure around the loading door will be a truck dock.


Looking good as usual Glen, although I must say I thought my work area was messy until I look at yours:D

CNR Glen

I got the model to the 'almost finished' stage today.

I added fine cinder ballast to the roofs to simulate tar and gravel, the caps to the top of the walls, and I finished off the loading dock.

Just a side view to show the relief that it will have out from the backdrop.

The loading dock deck.
I did tidy the workbench up a bit today. I had to find a missing piece that was under the mess!

CNR Glen

I've completed the building:

I added the vents the access hatches to the roofs, and the corrugated iron clad roof to the loading dock.

I used the Campbell roofing, painted gray, brushed with weathered with acrylics for rust, and then an alcohol and india ink wash.
Here it is planted on the layout.

I used 1/8 plywood for the base and ashphalt surrounding the building. That will be glued/ tacked down and painted with Woodland scenics ashphalt paint. I had to pull up some track on the left so re-align it to the building.

One other thing I have to do yet is to paint the backdrop behind the building black so you arn't seeing sky through the large windows!

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Wow - Nice job Glen. I didn't realize the size of that thing until the last picture with the M.T. Arms Hotel next to it. Suggestion; add a smoke stack in that little spot to the left of it.

CNR Glen

I'll keep my eye out for a decent stack in the future but for now I'll just leave it as is.
I've pretty much wrapped up this project

I added black construction paper behins the large windows, I also painted the foundation and truck delivery area with Woodland scenic's asphalt topcoat. In my experience it will fade a bit with time, I might also age it with chalks later. I also re-laid the delivery track.

The hopper is all the way to the backdrop. I have considered cutting a hopper in half so it looks farther in. Speaking of hopper I have two Tichy USRA ones on order, since my railway now has a new customer.
I'll finished the rest of the scenery at a later time when I have collected a few more details

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Glen, Try what I did a miniature baseball bat. I think I got it at Hobby Lobby or some other craft store.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Thanks guys. Just hoping someone else can get some use out of all the crazy ideas floating around my brain.

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