Don't let me win the photo contest


Non Rivet Counter
I dug up a shot to enter this month, so now it's your turn. Somebody post something better and knock me out of the running.

Remember it doesn't have to be your model or layout, but it does have to be your picture. Any unusal detail will work. And by unusual, I mean something other than the mine, freight terminal sort of thing. Alien invaders work. Dinosaur parks work. Nudist camps, fishing holes and amusement parks work. Golf courses work (gee I wonder why :D). Somebody has to have some picture they took at a show somewhere.

Tiny, get that collapsed tunnel installed quick and grab a picture and I'll bet you beat me.

Come on, we can get this one going still. You've got until Friday to enter.
Well, he forced me back into my train room once again...I even had to dig up the old digital camera as it does macro better than anything I could afford for the DSLR.

But the shot I was able to get didin't have an nudists or dinosaurs....but I swear there's a naked armadillo under one of those pallets. Somewhere....
Darn it, I just KNEW I should have taken a macro shot of the Nscale Japanese schoolgirls I got for my birthday...