Does this look like junk?


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Does this look like junk? :D I'm sorry about the odd camera refused to focus so I laid the car upside-down on my scanner. :rolleyes: This is a plaster casting of a load I designed...I'm not very happy with the paint on this one, I'm just interested to know if it looks anything like typical scrap and/or junk loads. Thanks!

btw-this is a Bowser 40' gondola
They are really dark...can you lighten it up a little so i can see the detail? They look like u got a good varitey of stuff in there but I can't quite tell what all is in them. My advice is paint a set light gray so u can see all the detail. If you go into production will u paint them yourself or will they come undecorated?

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"Mountain Goat" Greg camera refused to focus so I laid the car upside-down on my scanner.
:D You get the award-of-the-day for resourcefulness!!!!

Hey, good job. That looks very junky to me!
Thanks guys! I'm not sure whether or not I would paint them, but I do hope to sell them, maybe in resin instead of plaster. I tried a couple more scans of an unpainted load and I lightened the scan of the painted one a bit. Still not very clear, but a little improvement.
Two things catch my eye.

1) The lockwasher looks like a lockwasher, not scale junk.

2) The drive wheel in the corner of the car. This is something that many modelers do to create railroad interest. However, I've seen VERY fee prototype photos showing single loose drive wheels. Yes, they did on occasion cut them up, but it was rare.

My suggestion, for what it's worth... Pick an era, and then try and find prototype photos.
I agree with the suggestion of doing era specific junk maybe do a little junk yard research. There is a local scrap dealer here in eugene that sorts their junk into bailed loose large scrap I have even see whole loads of just shreaded metal. If u are in need of photos of loads let me know...I need a challenge.

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Photos would be great!! <foaming at mouth> Thanks for the offer!!

As for the drive wheel...well, I actually didn't have any wheels whatsoever when I made the master for this load. I strictly used various small hardware items. I believe what you are seeing is auctually a washer thingy I picked up at Lowe's. But now that you mention it, it did turn out to look like a wheel. I'd like to model more modern junk (no pun intended) but I don't have very good photos. Maybe I can try to model from Greg's pics.

I have boxes full of model bodies and detail parts (mainly stuff I've swept up from under my dad's plastic-injection molding machine) that I would have loved to include but I do believe it is illegal to reproduce those pieces without direct permission. Next time I talk to "the guys" I'll see if it's okay to use the various parts I have collected to make a scrap load.

1) The washer thingy
2) Just a little of my extensive collection of "junk." I have more in the garage but I'm too lazy to go out there right now :rolleyes:
3) Speaking of junk...this is the table in my room :eek:
Since we're already talking loads, does this look like coal? Again the camera was stubborn...I have a feeling it is on its way down a slippery slope to the trash can. I did a scan to show the profile of the load. I'm hoping to get a new camera for Christmas, so I'll definitely post some new photos then.
My opinion is that your junk load looks like a fossil. Too much like one piece of material. Maybe painting it would help, but I'm not sure. Can you build loads from actual material that is glued together?

B_Kosanda said:
Too much like one piece of material.
I agree. I'm not happy with the paint on this one-it's way too dark. I'll try painting more individual pieces on the next one. As far as making the load out of materials that are glued together, I'd love to, but that's not exactly practical from a manufacturing stand-point. This is just an experiment though...I made a thin latex mold over my master just to see how it worked. If I were to produce these to sell, I would probably make an RTV mold and cast them in resin.

Thanks for posting!
On second thought, just ignore the coal load post. The photo looks even worse than I thought. I'll get some better shots when I get a new camera (correction- "if" I get a new camera)

Nice looking loads. I found a website the other day that has more loads for different cars than I've seen in a while. The link is:

They also have a ton of detail parts at very reasonable prices.

They might have something to help give you ideas of what loads look like.


Let me know if u have any other loads you want pictures of. I have not been pout to take pictures yet being as it has been raining...and raining and raining.

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Most of the junk I see here looks more like bales of wire, strip and rod stock rather than large pieces of stuff. Add some folded/bent sheetmetal to a smashed wad of magnet wire and I think you might be onto something.

That would be very tough to mold tho....
kenw said:
That would be very tough to mold tho....
Yeah...I have some cut-up soda can that is easily foldable and makes a great aluminum bale type look, but all the little "pockets" that form between the layers (and are nearly impossible to completely eliminate) would make it almost impossible to mold...
My dad just got a new camera...of course I was the first to use it :rolleyes: Here's another shot of the coal...sorry about the background junk...I'll get a better shot's bedtime now :rolleyes:
I see you're a new member so welcome to the forum. I notice you have now dredged up about 10 threads that are two to three years old. Nothing wrong with that if there's something you have to to say that's still relevant to the thread. In this case, it was a question about a how good a coal load looked from over three years ago. It looks like real coal to me as well but that information is not likely to be useful to the poster at this late date.