Different RJ connector for Signal line


Lake Shore Lines
Ran into a slight problem the other night when trying to set up a second booster on the railroad. It happens to be further apart than the 7' cable NCE supplies to connect it up. the problem is this:

1. the RJ style connectors that go on the telephone wire are smaller in width than a standard phone jack connector. Actually they are the same size as what is used to hook up the handset to the base.

2. Standard telephone Crimping tools do not Crimp these connectors on very well. :(

Result: Continuing loss of signal because of loose fit. :mad:

Does anyone know where I can get a crimping tool for these special connectors. They are not sold in any Radio Shack or electronic stores in my area?

Appreciate any help.


Bob A

I think that the phone handset connectors are known as RJ-9's, and Google seems to support me in that. If the wiring is the same as a handset cord... well, I know they make very long ones... coiled even.
thanks Guys for all the info. I talked to a telephone tech this afternoon and he is sending me to an electronics outlet about 10 miles from here. They claim to have a tool. Around the $25. range talked about earlier. I think I will be all set.