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Brought a few kits with me. Started with a Shorty tank car. A work in progress. still needs weathering and a few detail components - train air hoses, coupler cut levers, end decals - this photos I just added some etched brass grating to the end and took a comparison photo - what a difference !

Mike Sherbak
Baghdad, Iraq


In Training Down Under.
Welcome to the forums Mike. Nice tank cars I'm guessing their HO?

Be careful over there in Iraq, there plenty of modelling to do!!


grande man

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Lookin good, Mike!

Welcome to the forum and I'd like to say a personal THANKS for your service to protect our freedom!

Steve B

Nice one Mike your doing a great job, it's good to have a hobby that you can do away from home like you are doing, you have to do something to unwind, BTW my friends just come back from Basra now he's been sent to Pakistan, he's looking at doing some kind of modelling project to pass the time


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Welcome to the forums Mike, thank you for your service and take care over there. God speed.



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Welcome Mike! Shoot, am I supposed to say Captain, or Sir? Wish I would have spent more of my time in Iraq doing some modeling, but working 12 on 12 off wasn't easy so.

Good Luck, stay safe, and return home safe! Oh and, I guess, keep posting once you return!


Hi Mike and Welcome!
That's some good looking tankers. Glad you have your hobby with you.

Thank you for being in our country's service. :)


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Hello and Welcome Mike!

First things first, Thank you sir, for your service to the only country I would ever want to live. For the freedoms that most of us don't think enough about. And for dedicating a part of you life to defend those of us at home. God Bless and keep you. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

And those are some KICK-ASS tank cars.(my apologies to those who are offended by this last line).



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Nice work, Capt. Mike. Weathering those ought to be fun. Is that an etched walkway you've got on the tank on the left? Were the angled braces on the ends part of the kit? I've got a dozen 50 footers and don't remember seeing those braces.

Stay safe and keep up the good work!


Welcome aboard, Capt. Mike... thanks for serving, and glad to have you with us on the forum. The detail on those cars looks great !!!

Bob (USAF Retired)


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Hello all - quick update from beautiful? downtown Baghdad

Work continues on additional projects at the Baghdad backshop.
Progress photos on the shorty tank cars and now several BAR woodchip hoppers kitbashed from 40' boxcars. Also have a number of covered hoppers in the detail shop for new metal walkways and upgrades to the grabirons.
Photos may be viewed at the following URL:

Best regards,
Mike Sherbak


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By the way - thanks for all the words of support and appreciation. There are really good things happening over here and slowly but surely things are getting better for the Iraqi people.
for more info see
I manage the Oil industry infrastructure rebuilding program - part of the $18Bn Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund.
Interesting job and I get to see a few Iraqi trains once in awhile. Have yet to see any moving tho and only one loco from a distance thus far. Am happy to serve and appreciate everyone's support of our sailors, Seabees and soldiers
The soldiers on the streets doing the security patrols are the ones that need our support so keep them lifted up in your prayers.
Mike S

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