Decoder Pro questions

I did some searching, here and on JMRI pages. I didn't find answers. I appreciate any help.

I am in the planning stage, of converting my DC road to DCC I've loaded JMRI on my Mac Mini and am putting roster info into it. None of my locos are converted to DCC yet.

So I've entered the locos that will be converted, but just guessed at decoders in order to make the entries. I did this to plan how each loco or cab car would be set up: DCC address, sound or not, lighting, special considerations such as F40 RPM (that I asked about in another thread). Question: can I change the decoder later? I haven't found a way to do that, or any discussion forms about it. Or will I have to re-enter the locos in the roster, from scratch?
That's what I was afraid of. Well, only 19 locos, and I can re-enter them as I convert from DC. The exercise did familiarize me with Decoder Pro, so not totally wasted time.

Thanks for the info.
The JMRI will read the decoder will and select it from the internal list or you can just select the decoder yourself and it will show on the roster page when you save the file.
From my experience the only way to change the decoder on the roster is to create a new file.
You can change the loco information stored on JMRI with the exception of the decoder model and the DCC address, as Ken has posted, you'll have to start from scratch again I'm afraid.

I'm a Mac user also, and a JMRI user (I use the Roco z21 and Digikeijs DR5000 hardware).

I agree with dennis in reply 2.
You are wasting your time trying to "pre-configure" JMRI entries.

Get the decoder into the locomotive.
Open Decoder Pro.
Create a new entry (based upon the decoder you have installed)...
... and...
... go on from there.

That's what has worked for me, with about 30 locos, all in Decoder Pro...
The basic fields, not CV related, are simply text.
You can cut and paste, for example..
Have a text file with a list of road names, model manufacturer, notes or comments.
Then copy from there to the DecoderPro screen when entering a new loco.

Union Pacific
Norfolk and Southern



Have fun :)