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I spent most of yesterday painting all of my roads black instead of gray.
Then this morning for about 2 hrs. I painted all the stripes. They sure looked straight when I was painting them. Not so in the photo's. I use a pin striping tool. I did the side lines in off white & the center lines in yellow. I'll show U all the not so straight lines, but, I'm not changing them. Maybe people won't notice after I get all the vehicles back on the pavement.
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I think the road kill will add that last bit of realism, looking forward to seeing pics of THAT... LOL It looks great!!


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My wife said, "Looks better than what the County does on our local roads"

If you go by the double yellow lines on a couple of the roads here, you'll take out a whole line of mail boxes. We never had lines before (the roads simply aren't wide enough), but for whatever reason they decided to paint them last year. Beats me :confused:
Hey I think they all look great! Was gonna tell you to take the wife for a ride but I see she chimed in. I love the roadkill one to that is hilarious. Keep up the good work.


I shouldn't say this BUT... I used to drive a dump truck for our county and when we asphalted the road if there was something dead armadillo or coon sized even snake got tarred and pea'd on (pea gravel'd that is):D :eek:

so the paint lines don't surprise me a bit:D


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Real roads aren't perfectly straight anyway.
Depends. Federal Highway laws require numerous straight, (I think) 1 Mile sections, maybe 2, for aircraft emergency landing areas. Check it out when you drive, you'll usually have a straight section, then a turn then straight again.

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