Contacting Stewart Hobbies?


Is there a way to contact Stewart by e-mail or phone?

I bought an F9 A/B set at a swap meet this weekend. It was brand new, but missing a small but important part (the little pins that hold the coupler pieces in place, and probably the details for the B unit). I'm guessing they got lost someplace along the line, rather than left out, but in any case I need to buy a couple of them.

By the way, this is a VERY nice locomotive. Very smooth running, nice and heavy, I really like it. I put it on what I thought was a 12 car train and it took off with it no problem. I quickly found out it was a 25 car train instead. (Guess my son was playing with the layout last time he visited, and you can't see the whole train in some parts of the staging tracks.)
Didn't Bowser recently acquire Stewart? Check on the Bowser website, I believe there is an explaination and contacts there. Google Bowser.
Hey Bob,

I think I probably have extras of those parts. I got a bunch of the coupler clips for my B unit auctions, and I also have the truck detail parts (they are the only B unit details that come with the standard A/B sets). I'll check tomorrow. If I have them I can gladly send them to you.

I also have some of the new Cal-Scale detail kits for the Stewart F units. They have all of the grabs, lift rings, wipers, etc.