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I want to start by thanking everyone that has responded to my many questions. My layout would not be where it is today if it were not for the advice and suggestions from you folks. It is greatly appreciated. I am at a point with expanding my 4' X 8' HO layout to where I am buying the building materials for the 2' X 8' extension. The plan is to have the 2' length of the 2' X 8' section attach to the 8' length of the current 4' X 8' layout. This will make it an "L" shaped layout. I hope that description makes sense. I am interested in hearing how I should connect the new 2' X 8' section to the existing 4' X 8' section. And just to make this a bit more complicated... the existing 4' X 8' is on casters and the new 2' X 8' section will be on casters as well. They are locking casters so that I can "lock/shim/level" as needed. I do not plan on "disconnecting" the two sections from each other until there is an emergency. Translation: The two sections will only be disconnected, moved, and reconnected when my wife tells me I have to move the layout to another section of the basement.


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I would use 1/4" carriage bolts and just bolt the two sections together. Three bolts in the two feet would provide a lot of strength.



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I built my layout in 8 foot sections in general. Some pieces were smaller in order to make everything fit. Most of my layout is along the wall.

IMAG0448.jpg IMAG0451.jpg

The layout benchwork is made using 1x4's. I just used inch and a half sheet rock screws to join the sections together once the correct height alignment was done.


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My lower level yard and engine service area has 3 sections joined together in 2 different ways - C clamps and spring clamps. Before bolting everything together try some clamps. Mine have been joined this way for 19 years without any problems. The tracks lower and upper decks I'm going to guess more than 500 feet all run with one NCE PRO command station and 5 amp power supply. I also have a 5 amp breaker installed between the power supply and trackage.


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