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hello, yep new guy XD

I've been interested in model trains for, well, as long as I can remember really.
although I'm dutch I have alway liked US trains more then dutch trains.
getting models of said US train, however, is not easy here, as not a lot collect them, resulting in the fact that no store has any.

at least, it was, until recently I found a store in Germany which sells only US models.
and US models also revers to the brands, in the way that the store sells models from Bachmann, USATrains, Walther, Aristo craft, etc. etc.
this means that I now can get the models a lot easer, which was also the reason for me to get some streamliners, Union Pacific streamliners from walthers to be precise.

most of the models i have are European models, especially German models, but I do think that that will change now I know that store ;)

currently all US models I have are these:
Bachmann 11702 - Santa Fe "warbonnet" FT-A
Bachmann 61204 - Southern GP 50
Model power 6756 - BNSF GP 9
Model power 8230 - A.T.S.F. 40' flatcar w/ guard rails
Walthers 932-6434 - UP 85' Budd Lounge
Walthers 932-9051 - UP AC&F RPO
Walthers 932-10058 - UP Pullman heavyweight 8-1-2 sleeper

in H0 and in scale G:
USATrains R22212 - Santa Fe "warbonnet" GP38-2
USATrains R22403 - UP ALCo Type P A+B
and a bunch of LGB cars and some other brands, really no idea about the article numbers, of some I don't even know the brand, but there four box cars and one open car from the D&RGW

I'm already a member of a few dutch model railroad forums but they often don't know much or anything about US models on those forums, they find they look nice, but can't answer any questions, I'm sure some others here can.

the topic icon is kinda wrong though, I don't seen sun glasses, but I could use an umbrella if I go outside :D


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Welcome to the forum. You should find a lot of people here interested in post-transition era railroading. :) I am more interested in pre-transition era and transition era. I like big steam. :D If you haven't already, check out the Weekly Photo Fun threads in "General Discussion". They go way back, one each week.

I'm guessing the "transition era" is the transtion from steam to disel/electric?
I personally don't really care much about the era, if I like it I run with it, I limit the realism of each train to the train itself.
and I add exeptions to that ;)


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Yes, the transition era is that of the rather lengthy transition, starting in the mid-30's and ending in 1959, of the elimination of steam locomotives from main-line revenue service and moving on to strictly diesel.

I also don't subscribe to the notion that one should strictly model a limited range of history or what is currently the case. I have two modern diesels, SD-75M with the Santa Fe warbonnet scheme and like them very much. They do look weird, though, moving under the water spout of my water tower.


grande man

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Welcome to the forum! :cool: I trust that you will find this to be the friendliest place on the web to talk trains.

It is great to hear that you now have a place to buy the US prototype models that you desire.


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my US models also looks quite weird besides an ICE2.2....
which I do have.

Welcome to the forums!

Weve got stuff like the ICE here in the states as well. Amtrak tested the ICE train, but went with Acela trainsets instead. They tested the Swedish X2000 trainsets as well.

Gary B

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FoxOI - Welcome to the forums
I find its fascinating when I see people from other places modeling USA railroading. I say why limited yourself to exclude something that you would enjoy? On the other hand if modeling one railroad or a specific time is your thing, well then do it. Its your little world and mine is mine! The whole idea is to have fun. Oh, and we really like pictures of each other work and don't worry about it not being good enough. I'm honored just to post with some of these guys.
Welcome to the forums!

Weve got stuff like the ICE here in the states as well. Amtrak tested the ICE train, but went with Acela trainsets instead. They tested the Swedish X2000 trainsets as well.
I actually find the X2000 quite ugly...

I may get a Acela in H0 some day, the store I usually buy US models from does have it.

but I want to get some goods cars and a E9 (probably going to be a E8 instead, I heard they look the same and I can't find an E9 model) for the UP passenger cars. I mean, the Santa Fe FT doesn't look that bad in front of them, but not very realistic (atleast I've never heard of a Santa Fe FT-A pulling UP streamliners)...

but first I need to get some decoders.
most of them for the G scale models.

@Garry B: I do plan on posting some pictures, but I need to make them first, and I keep forgetting to do that...
thanks to everyone for the welcome.

I have made some pictures today and they are also uploaded and on the forum, mainly here.
the layout isn't done but it gives a nice idea of what I'm working on, as well as the models I have.


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Hi Fox and Welcome to the forum!

Glad to talk with others from your area. There was another fellow on the forum that went by grove den [Jos] and I believe is from Finland if I remember correctly? After the large Volcano eruption I haven't heard from him so I'm unsure how he is? He was also planning on moving so there again it's hard to know what happened? He was working on an N scale layout as I recall due to space restrictions.

The era I model, basically turn of the century, 1890's to 1920 is a much earlier time period when the only Diesels around were the Old Box Cab type which I have two powered units of as well as a dummy and all are set up for track cleaning as each has four sprung slightly abrasive pads one per corner that rides on the rails and does a darn good job of picking dirt and junk on the rails and they actually make a kind of diesel noise as they run. These are/were manufactured by Model Die Casting which was bought out by Athern and I'm not sure if they are going to be brought out again or not?
I was actually at the Model Die Casting shop many years back, everything they produced
were in kit form and you got to assemble the whole loco.

Take care and enjoy the forum.

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