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The radio program "Information Please" was once sued for $17.62.
One night when Alice Marble was a guest, the men were adjured to shut their eyes and tell the colors of their neckties. A man driving through Boston, with his radio turned on, heard that query. He also closed his eyes, hit the car ahead of him and paid for$17.62 for fender damage.

In 2001, my one year old Malibu hit a patch of ice as I was turning into a parking lot off a snowly road in Ohio. I slid over the curb and bent a No Parking sign about 15" off center. The front airdam and bumper clip were nicked, but no damage to frame or motor.
I drove it home without problems and the wife took it in Monday for an insurance estimate at the local Chevrolet dealer.
Care to make an estimate on the damages before taxes? :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'll post the answer on Monday.... sometime.:D

grande man

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$1762.00??? :eek: 100 times the original amount in the original incident.
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And the cigar goes to NZRMac!!!

The actual figure was $2516.00.
Thanks for playing my silly game!


My Guess was $746.72

PLUS TAX $1729.68

Total of estimate= $2516.00 I WIN!!!:D :D :D


God I love a good game!!!;)
I know the cheeze state has higher fuel tax than other states but MAN that sales tax is STEEEP!

Kinda pricey for the bumper and valance


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enjineerbill said:
Hey Josh, Would that mean a railfan somehow got under your car?;) ;) :D

No, unfortunatly, that foam behind your plastic bumper is that bubbly stuff, kinda like the P2K Locomotive boxes, some how a single chunk of that foam can run into the thousands, and anything over 5 MPH effectively makes it useless, and the next wreck it'll do almost nothing. Not that it does anything now, thats what "crumple zones" are for, right? But I have to say VW is getting on the right track with the shorter, stiffer crumple zones!

Thus why I'll stick to buying a motorcycle, if I drop it, I shell out an AMAZING $400 for new body plastic, and maybe $250 for paint, and I'm on my way, that is if I even paint them, or even replace them!

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