bridge weathering.

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i have a scratchbuilt an abandoned bridge I saw on my vacation that I weathered. I am only going to show the first half because I have yet to weather the other half. the more dark spots on the sides are holes like where there is termite damage.




here it is with the other half glued on, not weathered though.


technique- at first it was water in a Nestle water bottle cap. then I added 2 or 3 drops of brown paint and one drop of black.(applebarrel brand) stirred with a Q-Tip and painted. then I thought, well, I can't get between the ties. I took out a plastic case that was laying around(it had some balsa wood in it) and put water in it. that I added some paint.(as much as you feel is necessary) then I dipped in the bridge every way I could to get it with paint in every spot. I also put in the little bit of balsa wood and "skinny sticks"(popsicle stick without the rounded edge) then I took those out after a minute(or when you feel is necessary) and dumped out the water. I then rinsed/washed out the case. i put the sticks back in it and so the wood wouldn't mold, I used a small fan to dry them off, flipping them every couple of minutes.

Very good job! Like Ken, I thought the first was the real one and was wondering how you took the top view shot.