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I just received an email from Tony's that the Tsunami is being shipped this week.
The initial release will be HO 1 Amp coming in stages, Steam first and
Diesel to follow.
Pricing: Shipping this week.
MSRP $99.95
Tony's $79.95

I don't even remember how long it has been since I put in my order:rolleyes: However, I am excited about getting it now and hope that it was worth the wait.


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That's Great News!

I have been waiting for the Tsunami going on two years. I hope
it lives up to the hype. My Alley has been silent for too long. Dave

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FINALLY! I've been waiting forever. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Supposedly its a huge step above the regular SoundTraxx and better than BLI's sysytem.

To answer Nates questions, Tsunami is a DCC onboard sound system. Google SoundTraxx Tsunami and you should come up with some info.


It's been so long since I ordered mine, I don't remember when it was. Loooong time ago:confused:

This is the list of what will be shipped first:
A)The Light Steam version (P.N. 826101) contains eight
whistles appropriate for a variety of light steam
engines. These are suitable for all switchers and
engines with the following wheel arrangements: 4-4-0,
4-4-2, 2-6-0, 4-6-0, 2-8-0 and others. Whistles included
Colorado & Southern #74, (Road Mix)
Colorado & Southern #74, (Yard Mix)
Baldwin Class B-4G, Consolidation 2-8-0
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #14
Peanut Whistle
D&RGW Single Chime
Reading 6-Chime

B)The Medium Steam version (P.N. 826102) contains eight
whistles appropriate for a variety of medium steam
engines such as engines with the following wheel
arrangements: 4-6-2, 2-8-2, 4-6-4, 2-10-0, and others.
Whistles included are:
Santa Fe Freight
Baltimore & Ohio 3-Chime
Colorado &Southern #801
Pennsylvania Railroad Banshee
Lehigh Valley
Nathan 5-Chime (Road Mix)
Nathan 5-Chime (Yard Mix)
USRA 6-Chime

C)The Heavy Steam version (P.N. 826103) is recommended
for installation in articulated and heavy steam
engines including engines with the following wheel
arrangements: 4-8-4, 2-10-2, 2-12-2, 2-8-8-2, 4-6-6-4 and
others. Whistles included are:
Frisco #1522
Norfolk & Western #1218
Union Paci?c #4018
Southern Paci?c #4449 (Whistle)
Southern Paci?c #4449 (Airhorn)
USRA 6-Chime

D)The Denver & Rio Grande K-Class version (P.N. 826104)
includes a collection of whistles and sounds commonly
heard on Denver & Rio Grande Western K-Class Mikados.
This decoder is also suitable for use with other light and
medium locomotives. Whistles included are:
K-27 #463
K-36 #487
K-36 #488
K-36 #489
K-36 #489 (with broken chime)
K-37 #497

E)The Denver & Rio Grande C-Class version (P.N. 826116)
contains whistles and sounds commonly heard on
Denver & Rio Grande Western C-Class Consolidations.
This decoder is also suitable for use in other light
engines. Whistles included are:
C-19 #340 (Yard Mix)
C-19 #340 (Road Mix)
D&RGW Single Chime
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #14

F)The Light Logging version (P.N. 826120) contains whistles
suitable for installation in geared and light logging
locomotives such as the shay, climax, heisler and other
small engines. Whistles included are:
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #14
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #12
Peanut Whistle
D&RGW Single Chime


MSRP $99.95
Tony's $79.95


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From the Soundtraxx list:


November 12, 2005

As Chief Engineer of SoundTraxx, I am pleased to announce the first
releases of the TSU-1000 Tsunami Sound Decoder are now shipping.

Every technology company sooner or later encounters the "Project from
Hell" and Tsunami has certainly been ours. So to all our loyal
customers, testers, dealers and supporters, I would like to extend a
deep and heartfelt "thank you" for all your patience and support
during this period. It's been a long, tough road (no, more like a
death march) getting to this point and the words of enthusiasm and
encouragement we received often came at times when we were ready to
can the project and go pursue an easier line of work. To all the
nay-sayers, I have but one thing to say: Time makes fools of us all.

Tsunami was a major undertaking with an ambitious feature set. Those
who have quietly waited will not go un-rewarded. Behold a few of
Tsunami's more innovative features:

16 Bit Audio Processing - The primary goal of the Tsunami project was
to substantially improve the audio quality and this meant 16-bit audio
encoding and an ultra fast Digital Signal Processor. But you don't
have to be an engineer to appreciate the techno-mumbo-jumbo. Just
listen and you'll hear sound clarity and detail like never before.
When 'Fireman Fred' raises the water spout, you can actually hear
water droplets still dripping into the tender tank.

Playable Whistle - If you have a Digitrax DT400 or NCE's latest code
update, you can bend whistles 'till your fingers fall off. (The rest
of you will have to put up with pushbuttons but we did add a short
whistle function to make signaling easier).

Seven Band Audio Equalizer - Now you can fine-tune the decoder to
better match your installation's frequency response.

Reverb- Tsunami's reverb module allows you to apply a little more
depth and presence to select sound effects furthering your ability to
give every engine its own audio 'personality'.

Load Sensitive Exhaust and Rod Clank - For the first time, the exhaust
bark and rod clank can be tuned to respond to changes in grade. Chuffs
will deepen and grow louder on the uphill side and drift on the downhill.

24 Channel Mixer - The volume of each sound effect can be
independently set over 48dB range in 256 steps to suit your individual

And there are a host of other minor improvements that Tsunami adds to
our product line like 22+ sound effects, back-emf, silent motor drive,
dual whistle mode, automatic whistle signals, slipping articulated
chuff mode, improved lighting effects, analog mode operation, a
braking function, and on-board diagnostics to name but a few.

Our initial offering includes 29 steam whistles, some old favorites
and many new ones, spread across six versions, each with a unique set
of exhaust chuffs, bells, air pumps and so forth. Attractively priced
at $99.95, there's sure to be something for everyone. You'll find the
latest information along with select audio samples on our new website,

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you enjoy our newest
product and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Best Regards,

Steven R. Dominguez
President and Chief Engineer




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They sound great on the web site. Makes me wish I modeled in HO. Hopefully they can get on with the SurroundTraxx system for us N-Scale nuts now.

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But what about my first and second generation diesels. I want them now! :rolleyes:
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Ok guys, help me out here. If you already have a loco that has ...say... qsi sound... can you, if you wanted to, take that out and put in this new 16 bit sound decoder?


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That should be do-able, the motor is isolated already, speaker is there ( it maybe the wrong resistance tho ). And I think the Tsunami PCB is a reasonable size too.

What loco are you planning on doing?



As Ken has said, it shouldn't be any problem to take out the QSI and I would guess the speaker is an 8 ohmZ which would be fine.

I know that it is tempting to do this, but considering the value of the QSI you may want to leave it in place until we know more about the Tsunami. Besides, very soon you will be able to pull the tiny EEprom (little black square chip) out of the QSI decoder and send it off to VA for a $35 upgrade that is suppose to have a lot of improvements. Also, a provision is being made where you will be able to download upgrades and with an interface, upload to your loco without shipping the chip off. Again, we have to wait and see if this upgrade is indeed, an improvement.
This is the link:

The Tsunami's that I have ordered are for units that do not have sound or like the 4-8-2 has an inferior Soundtrax LC decoder.
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Thanks for the information, fellas. I was just wondering if you could do it. As far as adding to sound to a non sound loco, I was thinking about giving it a try (never did it before) on this Kato SD40..

just to see if I could. Knowing me, the sounds would come out like dogs barking or cows mooing. :rolleyes:


Jarrell: The biggest challenge will be finding the space for a speaker and chosing one that will fit. Don't forget, you have to determine if the body will act as a good baffle or will you have to make/buy one. Again, don't be afraid to modify.

I haven't put sound in a long hood yet, but will have to do it soon. GatorDave, has done this to a GP9 and you may want to contact him for some help or Tony's. When you are ready, just start a topic on the forum and I bet you can get some good help. I will need it too.


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If you think a step-by-step video demonstration of installing a Soundtraxx DSD-100 decoder (with speaker) in a powered unit would be helpful, I show that in volume 3 of my Siskiyou Line video series (Electrical and Control). The video series is essentially a set of how-to compilations on various topics.

Email me off list if you want to know more.

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