BNSF model railroad

hello, im new to this model railroad forum, and i have just moved into a new house with a 10ft by 15ft shed in the backyard and my parents are willing to give me that for a model railroad, i model modern BNSF. Does anyone have any trackplans, i have alot of good ones ive been planning it for about 3 years, but if you have any please post a link or something, or if you would like send me an email at Thanks, any suggestions will be greatly apprecisted. my model railroad that i am planning will be around the walls, thats the only trackplans that i have so far are the around the wall shelve type, but i would like to add a pininsula.
Like was said, you know what YOU want.
I've designed more then a few layouts for people over the years and I have learned a few things. My taste and yours are always different! I could design 20 plans and you not like a single one of them.

My suggestions would be:
1.) Design modular shelves. 2' deep by no more then 8' long. (since your doing it in a shed, that is smaller, I suggest 4' length)
2.) Set a standard and stick to it.
3.) Simple is BEST.
4.) Duckunders KILL a layout! If you don't have to have it, AVOID IT. If you have to have it, then design it to lift out or drop down. (I believe we have all had duck unders at on point).
5.) HAVE FUN. Its a HOBBY.

My final piece of advise is to pick a location/locale for your layout to base the track plan from. You don't have to follow it to a TEE, but it will give you a base to start from and something to achieve.

Certainly, it's going to be what you want your model RR to be, but we also forget that sometimes it takes seeing other plans to get the juices flowing. In my own case, I like looking at all kinds of trackplans to see how others have done things. I don't plan on replicating them, but sometimes those plans will cause an epiphany, which makes you see things in a different light.

If you get a lot of ideas you like, then you can maybe combine them into YOUR layout.

BNSF Modeler - when you say "shed" what sort of structure are we talking about? Is it insulated, electrified, "finished" (drywall or interior sheathing, not bare studs)? What sort of lighting does it have?

Before you get working on the layout, you may need to finish the building to make it into something that won't create unending hassles for your layout.
thanks qoir

thanks qoir or how ever you layout name goes, lol sorry. But do you think maybe you could design me a layout, please it would be a blessin, but unfortunately my parents have downsized my layout space for there storage needs, my new space will be 10ft by 15ft, and i want at least one pininsula, 22'' radius curves for the minimum, and the things i absolutley need to be in the layout, is at least 2 industries, a decent sized yard, and make the turnouts close enough to the edge to where i can reach them to throw them by hand until i can get turnout controls installed, and one other thing i absolutley need is 22'' radii curves for my big deisels. thanks if you could design me a layout with amost or all of those specs that would be a blessin, the one thing that you need to remember though is that i need 22'' radii curves i NEED those for my locos thanks again