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I recently perchased Bettendorf trucks from Kadee. Kadee #500. I installed them on two athearns 40foot XM boxcars. I was pushing a string of cars through a curved switch when sparks crackled and my dcc shut down. I discovered that my new Kadee trucks rode up and shorted the switch. By experimenting I discovered that both boxcars with Kadees were doing this and no other car did. I installed them properly and I just can't figure out what's happening. Does anyone have an idea? I don't want to give up on these trucks if I don't have to.


I guess the two obvious things to check are;
-Are the wheels gauged correctly have you checked them with a nmra gauge ?
-Are the trucks binding or stiff on the car underframe so they cant turn enough to get through the turnout?
If its not that I would just push them back and forth thru the turnout till you can see how they are derailing.
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The other thing to check is that, if you are pushing through a "leading" turnout i.e. against the blade point, the flanges aren't "picking" the point and passing between the point and stock rail. Your Kadees may have finer flanges than your other trucks.

Make sure the points are closing tightly against the stock rail (get this problem at the club frequently 'cause they cop a lot of abuse)


These are new right out of the package. I have removed them and I'll try pushing them through and see if I can figure this out. Thanks to both of you


Just because the trucks are new does not mean they are perfect.Anytime you getb a multiple piece axle wheelassembly there is the possibility tahat a wheel could be out of gauge,or even both wheels on a axle could be offset one way or the other.


I discovered many years ago that you NEED an NMRA gauge and you need to use it. Wheels, track, turnouts, and especially new equipment. Get in the habit of checking your old stuff from time to time also. Once you get used to using it you'll discover you just have less problems.


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