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Sir Robbins

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I have moved at least once every 2 years for the past decade which has made model railroading a nightmare. I have been a member of Orlando's N-Trak club for a few years now since moving back to Orlando from Atlanta in 2015 but I still love HO. I have decided to build Railroad Dioramas using pieces of 16" x 48" x 3/4" wood. It will essentially be like a modular build except it won't be connected together for operating but will be wired for potential future operations. It will be shelf displays for the time being.

My first piece is under way as I have been building the 3 structures. It will be a fictional town in the northeast. I decided against the crossover for track (still in the drawing). This will be wired for connection to another 16" x 48" section with a full design still in the works

Penn layout 4.jpg

The Jurassic Park Finger puppets keep the rolling stock from, well, rolling off.... It helps me visualize what will work setting up on the wood...
penn layout track.jpg

I'll be utilizing my C39-8 as well as a B36-7 as far as loco power goes for this section. Much of the layout involves references to friends. One being a UPS driver :) Mainly box cars for rolling stock. All fully weathered and locos with DCC/ESU Lok Sound installed

penn layout loco2.jpg

I work in the trade show industry as a video engineer and videographer so as you can imagine, my work for mid to late March and onward vanished back in late February. I have turned my attention to doing video depositions via zoom for attorneys and it's working out well at the moment. Don't have to leave home so work on my layout shall progress steadily. Updates to follow

Sir Robbins

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Forgive the sloppiness. Lots of touch ups to do. Haven't painted or built a structure from scratch in 5 years.... Wanted a faded darker grey look and I got it for the most part. I used tooth picks to paint the window trim and doors.

Walthers Scratch Build Kit self explanatory as far as the name goes.

Sir Robbins

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Started weathering the track today..... Had a few tornadoes in the area today I would have chased had I not been waiting on a new oven. What a time for my oven to die on me.

Starting with a white grey to dilute the track to accommodate the future Burnt Umber to be painted on top. Following some painting tips from Lance Mindheim. :)

virginia track.jpg

virginia track white.jpg

virginia track brown paint.jpg

Sir Robbins

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While the first module is for display only, the second will be fully functioning and as close to prototype as possible for the location of Main Street in Telford, PA. Center of the railroad I'm basing after; Penn Northeastern.
Top photo is current construction in this thread, bottom is the proto that will start construction this week (hopefully)

Telford Pennsylvania Layout.jpg

Sir Robbins

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Here is the result of my track weathering thus far. The combination of the light grey and burnt umber used as a wash over brings out the detail in the ties a lot more and looks fantastic in person...

Track on Left is weathered and on right is factory Atlas Code 83...

penn track 1.jpg

penn track 2.jpg

Another angle with weathered on the right

penn track 3.jpg

Products used...

The Grumbacher Burnt Umber was watered down with mineral spirits to be used more as a wash than an actual paint. See the post above for what the track looks like with the light grey paint on it.... Instead of waiting to dry, I applied the wash about 5 minutes after the white paint was applied.

penn paint.jpg

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