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Recently, I have been developing a business based around producing replacement diesel shells in HO scale. These shells would be used to allow the modeling of a different prototype on an existing chassis. I have been in contact with a manufacturer and am now gauging market interest for my first product: a Baldwin DR4-4-1500 'Babyface' cab unit. Please note that this is only an interest survey. It is not intended to be a request for funding or anything of that sort; it is simply to gauge how much interest the market has for this product.

This diesel has only been offered in brass and a very short-lived Anthracite Railroad Historical Society resin kit, which is practically unavailable today. The DR4-4-1500 'Babyface' was used extensively by the Central of New Jersey railroad, as well as a handful of units to Missouri Pacific and New York Central.

This shell would fit over a Bachmann RF-16 chassis, but could be modified to fit other chassis. Initially, only an A-unit would be offered, but a B-unit would be offered later if there is sufficient interest. More particulars are explained in the form below.

If you have interest in this kit, please fill out the form below. Feedback from this form will be hugely important to the future of the kit.


Thank you for your time,

It sounds like you would be filling a gap for a locomotive that is not common. I have always liked the looks of the Baldwin, but I hope you can get enough interest as it is an odd ball locomotive and not many railroads used it. For people who model the railroads that had it I am sure that they would hae interest in it, but how many people model these railroads.

I freelance and can use any locomotives that I want, and some other freelancers may have interest and custom paint them for threir own railroad.

I do hope that limited interest doesn't hurt.
Nice idea! While I'm not into diesels I like where you're headed!

I've been hoping that someone would take on a similar task with streamlined steamers. All the streamlined steamers out there are outrageously priced and there aren't that many to choose from!

Thank you for the reply. If you are highly interested in this product, I encourage you to fill out the form. I have left an option for 'freelanced/other' as a road name. I know that I will probably be using a handful of these locomotives on my freelanced road.


Thank you for the reply. I have had that exact same thought, and have started looking into what streamlined steamers can be done in this format. A problem I've noticed is that a lot of streamlined steamers had six-wheel tenders, while many steam offerings today only have four-wheel tenders. That may just have to be a limitation we will have to accept. The ideas I've had so far for this are Southern #1380, based off a USRA Light Pacific chassis, or a Southern Pacific class P-14 (which look like smaller GS-series streamlined locomotives) based off a USRA Heavy Pacific chassis. This same idea could be used to emulate prototypical steam locomotives without the expense of brass.

This work will only be able to be done if this product is successful, however.


I did fill out the form, but I am afraid that I am going to be hard to please. Undecorated would be fine for me, but I am a DC operator and would need a chassis that is DC, not DCC.
No worries, montanan. I'm assuming you're interested in purchasing a complete model. If so, I'd be happy to convert a Model Power or E-R models RF-16. These chassis are DC-only but are older and may not run as well. I'm not sure if the Bachmann RF-16 - which I've only found with DCC equipped - can run on DC track, but I'd be happy to work with you. I can also convert an RF-16 (or other chassis) you already own.

I do have a few DCC locomotives but being that I do run DC only, I can't see getting a DCC locomotive, but for me the most important thing is to have a smooth running locomotive. The majority of my locomotive fleet are the original Atlas Classic Alco locomotives which run so well. May have to go DCC as I am not impressed with Model Power.
montanan, most modern decoders are dual-mode, which makes them able to run on both DC and DCC track. I am not sure if the Bachmann RF-16 has that feature, but, since I will be converting a few RF-16s myself (for marketing purposes) I will be able to test it out on a DC track. I will then be able to tell you personally if this unit is suitable for you.

I am aware that DCC locomotive can run on DC only. What does concern me is the decoders. I have seen so many posts about people having decoder problems that it is one of the reasons that I'm not interested in DCC. Also, being a lone operator, I rarely run more than one locomotive at a time. Check out the Bachmann switcher in my signature below, Switching in Churchill. It is a Bachmann and runs quite well. I haven't had any decoder problems as I don't run the DCC locomotives very often as after a while, the sound drives me nuts while I'm working on the layout. If the time comes that a decoder does crap out, I imagine that I can always chuck the decoder and rewire the locomotive for straight DC.
Chet, What you need to look for are the DCC Ready variants, that have a DC lighting board which is convertible to DCC. These not only give directional control of the lights, but better motor control than just basic DC wiring. If a loco is only offered with DCC, it should be possible to refit it with one of those boards, Athearn's perhaps.
If the sound is annoying, the simplest method to silence a sound loco is to cut/unsolder the speaker wiring. Won't do away with the initial throttle response delay, experienced with most sound locos at start up from stopped, but the simplest solution.
Selling Chet a locomotive... no easy task.

Chet I admire your self-discipline almost as much as I admire your layout.
Are you the same guy that made the resin castings of these?
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I am not sure who you are referring to. I am not a member of, nor affiliated with the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, nor the person who allegedly pirated their locomotive design. I would never fathom stealing someone's else's design in that manner, and can assure you that this locomotive will be made from CAD files I am having commissioned at the expense of my company. I have no affiliation with any business other than my own. I can confirm that the locomotive shell will be in resin, though.

In other words, I am not 'Big Dawg Originals', nor am I the ARHS. I am a newcomer to this industry, and this is my first product.

Selling Chet a locomotive... no easy task.

Chet I admire your self-discipline almost as much as I admire your layout.

You are right t Louis. A am a bit picky. With this locomotive, I think I could easily work with. It would make an interesting to my locomotive roster.

If I can't get something the way I want it, I probably won't get it. I have been looking at new cars for over two years and have cash in hand, but refuse to buy one because of all of the technology and touch screens in them. Don't need the tech stuff, don't want it and won't pay for it.

The locomotive I like.
The Northern Pacific never had any Baldwin DR4-4-1500 locomotives; but, did have VO-1000 switchers. Since the N.P. never had any, I really couldn't use one. However, I like almost all locomotives and am interested, even though I probably would not buy.

I don't take Chet's needing a DC locomotive as being particularly choosy! Why pay for a decoder and sound, when it isn't needed/wanted? Like everything else in this modern world today, choice seems to have "Gone by the Boards"! Almost like the Model T of yesteryear, you could get it in any color as long as it was black! I do still see DC locomotive for sale; so, Chet isn't out of luck, yet. However, the hand writing is on the wall! Manufacturers no longer want to offer choices, they cut into overall profit.

Chet, good luck with finding a car without every conceivable electronics do-dad. Sometime between 2007 and 2014, the stripped down versions of the automobile were eliminated from the market!!:mad:
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I don't get the dc/dcc concern, any chassis can be either way, it is a non-electrical concern. The only concern I can think of to make the shell as universal as possible, perhaps little user tweaks can make it fit on any appropriate chassis.