Bachman EZ track troublesooting


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I have an N scale Bachmann EZ track set up and initially it worked beautifully on the kitchen table. I built a special table for it and transferred the track to it. In general, it worked well but the loco stops and starts at various points. At first I thought it must be dirty tracks and/or wheels so thoroughly cleaned it all. After a lot of mucking around, I think some of the track joins aren’t as good as they should be.

Is there a way of ensuring a more consistent current through the joins ex. gently use pliers etc on the joins or something else I can do?

Also, is there a way of keeping the track in place without gluing it all to the table?

Am living in hope someone can help.
You might find that your getting bad rail joint connections as the track moves slightly as the train moves round, if you don't want to glue it in place, you could try something like double sided tape or Black Tak at strategic points round the track, (making sure the track stays level), you can clean it off with any commercial paint thinner or something similar.
the train will sometimes do several laps absolutely perfectly but then will begin playing up again 🤬. The track is now firmly in place with tape underneath it. Once again, ran perfectly then stop start etc almost always in the same place. I’ve recleaned both track and wheels. The only consistent thing is where the train will stop but not when.

To make matters worse, I just took a short video but I can’t get it on here 🤬.
not a good day 😭
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Check your rail joiners on each side of where it stops for looseness. They could be making contact enough to run well, but work loose as the train passes over them a few times.