Attention Wig-Wag lovers -

We recently lost ours down here in the SD area. with the recent addition of the "Sprinter" service, the Fmr BNSF, Ex ATSF line to Escondido & Ramona lost its...
Cool. I'm amazed at the interest the locals have in preservation. I hope they remain in service for a long time. I'm betting that the parts and maintenance are the real issue the RR has wiith them though.
I say keep the WigWags and install gates as well . Safety and preservation are both satisfied !!
There are a few wig-wags still in regular service in Oregon (two of them, in Dallas and Knappa, are on the Portland & Western RR) but instead of being the vertical ground mount type they are hanging from overhead support.
KEEP the Wig Wag
But if needed use an alternative method of traffic control as well, they are right in wanting to keep them from the cutters torch:D they are historically important