ATLAS FM H24-66 Problem

Got my CP ATLAS FM H24-66 yesterday! Great packaging (!), nicely detailled locomotive and finally a great sound from the Quantum decoder !!! Best locomotive I ever got from ATLAS. :)
But with a little problem. Does anyone also receive his H26-66 (Sound-version)? I had twice the problem when placing the loco on the track the engine sound starts immediately (I've only a F0-F4 function DCC) but also with an constant cycle of air let-offs. When I turn the throttle nothing happens. I read out CV 1 and adress was "3". Then I reprogrammed this adress to "3" everything is o.k. now meaning that now the loco is doing everything well. I did this at the first test at my dealers DCC (ROCO) and now the same with my home system (Uhlenbrock).
Anyone else has this problem? :(

Saw them at the LHS, not ready to buy one yet, but i know he has sold at least two, without complaints. I know that not having functions above f4 might not allow you to do much, and maybe the decoder just needed to be recognized by your system.
Yesterday evening I tried it again and needed 5 times (programming, reset, removing the loco from the track,...) Finally it runs. Maybe it's time for me to buy a more comfortable DCC system with F0 - F12 since I ordered more locos with sound (LL, Athern,...) Hmmm... think I will give an order to Santa...


I have noticed that on some of the lighter systems that there doesn't seem to be enough power going to the track to effectively program an engine. I know of one source that sells a booster to help the problem. However, upgrading to a larger system might be your best answer considering how much sound you are talking about.

You can check out Tony's train exchange web site for more details on the booster.