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Just a few quick questions for those of you that have these engines. While I have my own, I don't have a DCC track (or layout) to change the CV's with, so:

1. Does the sound come with the volume maxed out from the factory? If not, how much more can you turn it up? Does it sound any louder when you do? (and yes, I have fixed the speaker baffle issue)

2. Does this engine come with a better sounding horn? If so, have any of you guys changed yours? I believe the horn on the prototype is a K5LAR24...I think. The one programed in doesn't quite sound correct to me which is a shame because everything else sound-wise does!

3. How hard is it to give this model some momentum effect? Surprised this didn't come from the factory with it. Not a bog deal, but I would like it more this way.

4. The brakes on mine don't seem to squeal. Is this because I am running it on DC only? I have had some other engines that did it, just not this one.

5. Lastly, it seems that the primemover doesn't rev up through all 8 notches...Is this also because its on a crappy DC power pack?

Please ladies and gentlemen don't think I am just complaining, I am just inquiring. This is an awesome engine and I plan on buying perhaps several more! If I could just change the horn, give it some momentum and MAYBE turn up the sound just alittle, this would be the perfect engine!



1. No, but the models do have a problem with the speakers not sealed properly. You'd need to program it on DCC to increase the volume.
2. I think the horn can be changed, check the card/manual.
3. For momentum, you'd need to program that in on DCC.
4. Odd, it may be because you're not on DCC.
5. Yes, I think you need DCC to get up to notch 8. DC power packs generally max out at 12 volts, but DCC is 14-15 volts


Hey Diburning, thanks for the quick response! Does anyone have any further info on this? Also, it doesn't specify on the DCC manual (the card) but does this loco have doppler effect? Just wondering. The supplied soundtraxx manual is very short and doesn't have much info on it for those of us that don't know THAT much about DCC or sound. Any other info that anyone would like to add (especially those who have already customized their CV's on these locos) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



Noodle is good
4- the brake squeal must be activated with a cv and it's sensivity set with an other, otherwise it is mapped to f7 for manual use on dcc


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If you go to the soundtraxx website you can download the complete Tsunami manual(s) free. Also, let me make a suggestion to you. Put off the second loco and get yourself a DCC starter system. We won't talk brand, that's a whole 'nother thread, and has been done elswhere on the forum multiple times, but it will cost you less than the second loco and you'll be able to enjoy all of the features you shelled out for!

Just a thought...


Rich, Tsunamis do not doppler due to the fact that they use actual locomotive recordings and don't alter the sounds.

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