Athearn Genesis SD75M's - BNSF Paint Details

Ed M

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Road numbers 8213 and 8258 come with the entire cab roof in BNSF orange as you would expect. Unit 8236 has the flat top part of the cab roof in green and the slanted sides of the roof in orange. Haven't been able to find a pic of that unit (or numbers around it) shot from above to see if this is for real or a mis-cue on the model. Since it takes more time on the production line to paint the roof two colors, there had to be a reason (maybe). Does anyone know if this roof paint variation on road number 8236 is accurate?
Thanks for the links. The first got me to a pic of the unit in BNSF H2 paint but track level so can't see the top. I'm sure if I keep at it I'll find something. I also keep watching sonewherewest as that collection seems to keep growing.
The paint jobs on all three are based on photographs of the real things. The SD75M's are repaints and were painted by various shops/contractors which is why the paint jobs are different. 8236 follows the BN SD70MAC paint masking on the cab roof. Also notice the variations in the coloring of the hood door latches in the top group of yellow stripes.