Athearn Genesis F units. Info please.

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Can anyone comment on the Genesis F units? We had a lousy experience with a Genesis Mikado steamer, but I can't seem to keep my eyes off the F units. The detail is fantastic. Still, I'm a little reluctant to spend the $$$ on them. Are they worth it? How are the drives? Reliability? Pulling power? Thanks!
Go with Stewart :D

I don't know much about the Athearns, but I do know a lot about the Stewarts. Things like they're molded and painted here in the states, and it helps support the local economy. Things like the quality of the Buehler can motors and the Stewart drive assemblies. Things like the detail Bowser/Stewart is doing in painting and printing for the new releases. Things like they'll help you if anything goes wrong. Things like they're less expensive, and I sell them. :rolleyes: Okay enough rambling...

Seriously though, as far as detail goes, consider hanging on to see what Stewart does with their new "Executive Line" of products ( Yeah, unfortunately they had to go to China for assembly/decoration, but at least they're still molded here. The first wave are U-boats, but I think they might have some nice things in store (;)) If F units roll out, they will be in direct competition with Genesis.
Thanks Nate. I am getting interested in loco detailing anyway. A highly detailed Stewart would be a real prize! I'll look at their new line. Thanks for the heads up!
Most people will go with the Genesis over the Stewart. The Genesis shell is just that much better than what Stewart offers. As far as the mechanism is concerned, it may be that the Stewart one is better. Don't know.

What's your trouble with the Mikado mechanism? Cracked gears? I have that problem with my Genesis Pacific....

I have the Genesis F7A & B set. Both Powered and both run well. The Shells are Much better than the original Athearn Shells, I believe they are using the Highliner shells. Because i use them on a dcc layout. I pulled the motors out to make sure that they were grounded properly. Athearn has been sloppy about that in the past. the Headlight also had to be replace because they use the 1 1/2 volt bulb. Been running them for awhile now and they run fine.
You have Paul Lubliner to thank for the Genesis shells. These are the famous "Highliner" shells; I think the story is that it took him 10yrs to get the curves correct.

There's another story that the Chinese factory screwed them up, and Paul and some folks from Athearn spent weeks there getting them to get it right. They junked a lot of shells.

Most F-unit modellers say these are the best shells ever.