Athearn Blue Box!


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Since Athearn has been purchased by it's new owners, I haven't seen much online or off line, especially sales, about Blue Box Locos kits . Does anyone have any idea of what is going on, or what will become of the blue box line for the future.

Cheers Willis
No but my German dealer gets every week some dozen blue box cars from the US. Can't stop buying them since quality for me is compatible to pricing ($6,- $ 10,-) and I love to mount the kits.

Athearn put out a production listing for 2004, which includes what they'll be producing for the Blue Box line. I think it's a PDF document on their web page...

Wow the prices on the loco's have sure gone up. And I didn't see any U boats, must be going the way of the Alcos. Seriously my last new Athearn, a U33C cost me Cdn$28 about US$ 22.28 at todays rate so to me it looks like they doubled in price but even at that they are still an affordable option for the beginner. I wonder if it's new tooling, or from the same old moulds.

Cheers Willis