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I've a chance to purchase this P2K GP7 and was wondering how it performs?

This ones HO with QSI DCC & Sound.

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Runs a Rock! LOL....

No really it is a great loco good running gear and DCC systems. As for sound I can not advise on that part. I think someone could post and give ya a run down. I personally have no sound on any of my locos as yet so that leaves me out.


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Need to get sound in those oil burners Alcomotive. :D

Good to hear it runs good ( and like a rock, lol ). Thanks.
Maybe someone knows about the sound part. Not sure if it has one or two speakers? Walthers is not the greatest for info on their locos sometimes.


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Looks good, can I um, "borrow" the long hood indefinitely for a project? I need a GP7/9 long hood.


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I'll echo the others to say that P2K geeps are great runners. However, I tried one of the sound units a few years back but I was not impressed. I admit I'm extremely picky however. I haven't found anything yet that sounds as good as the Soundtraxx decoder for 1st gen EMD...


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I have 2 BLI diesels with QSI sound and I love them! But to be honest I've not heard much of the competition as far as diesel sound goes.


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Looks good, can I um, "borrow" the long hood indefinitely for a project? I need a GP7/9 long hood.

Well since I guess your such a nice feller you can have the one in my post above. :) And if that's not good enough then here is the real thing but they may not like you taking it. :D


Well while I'm on a roll here is one but you'll have to wash it maybe. ;)


Or if you like them in green?


OR maybe CNW at the Chicago coal docks October 1964. Course you'll need a time machine but at least they look fairly clean.


P.S. If you get caught taking those GP7's I did not write this post.

@ speent
"Tony's Train Xchange" $169.95, approx. $8.38 S&H ( $10.20 sales tax for Vermont ). Non Vermont delivered UPS/Fed-X $178.33. Walthers sells them for $225.00 with QSI Sound & DCC.

@ CSX_road_slug
I'm just the opposite for I do not like the "new" SoundTraxx for the ones I've heard were tinny, but that's just my opinion. Newer QSI chips do sound better than the first generation so to speak.

Does anyone know if this unit has twin speakers, or maybe just one?
( guess I could e-mail Tony's )
I'm a huge fan of the P2K series. They are great runners, but as a sort of beginner in layout and construction and such, I don't have DCC or sound yet. SNIFF!


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I'm a huge fan of the P2K series. They are great runners, but as a sort of beginner in layout and construction and such, I don't have DCC or sound yet. SNIFF!

Yeah I
DCC and Sound, although the dispatcher, brakeman & engineer sometimes don't get along as this pic shows with a P2K GE U28B w/sound on the lead. :D


Layout is over five years old, pure DCC at rails, all bldgs lighted, all street lights and other lamps lighted ( from their own power source ) and still under construction. :rolleyes:

I went ahead and ordered that P2K GP7 #1269 as in first post in thread last Friday, so I'll find out how she runs and sounds soon.

I really wanted the engine in first pic of my post #8, but I didn't have enough money ( nor space ). ;) :cool:

guys for all the info.


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1269 on the rails.

WOW, I think Walthers and their Proto 2000 units with the NEW Q1a Sound Decoder might have it made. This new P2K GP7 ( Phase II ) has a well equipped Decoder. I'm using the GP7 for switcher duties and never even had to program CV 3 or CV 4 as they are programed right out of the box for slow typical starting speeds and stopping. It's called "Regulated Throttle Control" ( RTC ) in DCC operation. Quote from manual: RTC makes your model operate as though it has the mass and inertia of a prototype locomotive"..Unquote.
Of course if you want the usual out of the box "Jack Rabbit" start, you can program it to do so.:rolleyes:


The horn itself will blow you away.:D :cool: I love its sound especially a couple of short blasts, sort of like Womp Womp. I'm not a horn guru but I think it is a Nathan somewhat like the "Nathan P 3". Go here:

Then scroll down to "Nathan P Series" then to "p3_1548 Ed K.mp3"

One more pic of the Geep crossing the diamond at Deer Creek.


And too answer my own question of earlier post as to: "Does it have one or two speakers?" TWO and VERY loud. I had my ear about 18" away from the loco when I first pushed "F2", ye-och that was loud. :eek: All sounds tuned down to a comfortable level now.:eek:

Thanks guys for the inputs.


Sorry I missed this post, but all I had to say about the P2K GP7 was good. Of course, you now know this;) . Man, you are lucky to have factory installed sound on board. I had to add mine with a cheapy Soundtraxx LC and build my baffel. Where the sounds are excellent, they are not very loud. Have fun!:)

You will love the RTC when you Mu a couple of locomotives together. They will sense each other and adjust automatically so neither is pushing or shoving the other.

Almost forgot: She sure looks proud sitting there showing off to the town.:D
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