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Lazy Daydreamer is back online! (WAS: "Anybody else having trouble...") least MY gallery is there, hopefully yours is too!:)

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I went to add some new photos to my RailImages online gallery, and was told it doesn't exist! I also notice that none of the embedded images I posted here are displaying anymore. I know they moved to a new server a few weeks ago, but I thought that was just a temporary thing.

Does anybody have some idea whats happening here?:confused:
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Neither is Rex's album out there anymore either. Went to their home page and they have only 10 pages total of albums displayed. Surely the switch to another server didn't kill all those other albums that were out there.


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Gentlemen, I received this e-mail a few weeks ago:

As many of you know, we have been raising money for two new 200 giga-byte hard drives for our server. We have that money now and the work will likely take place this week.

Preceding this, we have to run a backup of our server's data to an off-site backup system. As this process is new to me, I do not know how long it takes. At this time, I am waiting on the login information for the remote system so that I can log in and start the backup.

When that process begins, I will be turning TrainBoard off as any posts made after the backup begins would be lost when the data is restored.

For this same reason, it is strongly advised that you stop uploading to RailImages at this time. Also, no new RailImages accounts will be activated until this process is complete.

We thank you folks for your donations. We still have the need for $200 before November 15. If you care to donate, great. I will make up any funds not donated.

Thank you,


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Hmmm...I remember seeing that message in my mailbox too. So this thing is more long-term than I realized! I still have local copies of all my online stuff, but I hate to think i would have to re-upload everything to a new server. Probably nothing that Draconian though, just have to wait until all their servers are backed-up.
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That e-mail, like you said, is several weeks old. I was out in Rex's album viewing it day before yesterday. The directions for getting a new railimages account then were frozen. I just went to Trainboard's admin site and saw that only 10 of thirty pages are restored and "Charlie" (I guess their server guy), will still be working on it.


Just went over there and read the trainboard and apparently they have major issues with the new harddrive. They said they still have the old one, so here's hoping.


I had difficulty with railimages when I first started. It was difficult to post pictures from there to any forum. I even had trouble finding my album after I posted it! If the site has a method to locate an album from the home page, I didn't see it and couldn't figure it out myself. (Not too bright, computer-wise!)

I went to photobucket, set up an account and uploaded some photos. When you view your album, there are three URL codes listed below each picture. One of these three codes is used by one or more of the forums. All you have to do is copy and paste the correct code in your post. You don't have to remember the syntax used by the forum. In my case, that's a big plus 'cuz I suffer from CRS (can't remember s***!) All I have to remember is which line is used on which forum, something I CAN do!

I like photobucket and recommend it.

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(I tried changing the topic title but that didn't work...?)

I just tried the RailImages site again and my gallery is back - hopefully everybody else's is too!:) :)


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I just tried the RailImages site again and my gallery is back - hopefully everybody else's is too
Yep! looks like they are all back. I notice that it's now that the albums are listed in alphabetical order.


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