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A while back I built CEMR GP9RM unit 4001 out of a Proto 2000 GP20 chassis, GP9 high hood body & Prototype Model Industries cab. I have a post on the forum showing it here.

By chance the shop foreman at CEMR saw the pictures on my web page and asked if he could buy it to display in their office. I told him it wasn't for sale, so he asked if I could build another one for them. Initially I declined, as I had a lot on the go at the time, but then I relented.

I decided to start with a Walthers Trainline GP9M, as this is going to be a static display,and it would be a cheap starting point. While the short hood is a little too wide, and the cab is not quite right, I figured with a few modifications and some detail parts it should look ok.

Here are a couple of out of the box pics:


The first thing I did was to remove the shell from the chassis, then remove the headlight from the shell ( a piece of scotch tape held it in place!).


Next I removed the handrails, glass and roof mounted horns.



After that I stripped the paint from the shell, which happened to be molded out of red plastic.


Body modifications involved removing the front & rear pilots, front hood lights,front number board & headlights, exhaust stacks, center fan, rear handwheel & lights, and all molded grab bars. I also added styrene filler strips where the center fan was and also to divide the single windshield into two. As well, I filled the old horn mounting holes in the cab roof.


Detail parts added prior to paint & decals:

- Front & rear plows.
- Front & rear MU hoses.
- Front ditch lights.
- Front sand fill hatch.
- Sinclair Antenna.
- High hood bell.
- 3 chime horn.
- Spark arrestor style exhaust stacks.
- Wire grab bars.

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A few pics next to unit 4001:


Here it is after primer and a few coats of gloss black paint.


Next I am designing and printing the decals. CANDO has tweaked their logo a bit since I did unit 4001.


BN Modeller
That's going to be quite the transformation! A silk purse from a sows ear as the saying goes.
I haven't been down there for sometime time now, don't even know who's left there.
So if you should make it #4000 and mount it just off the track, I think it was off the rails more than any other unit. :)


Armchair Engineer
Those units are looking real good, Gary. I see them almost every day, on my way home from work. They are usually switching tankers on Gunn Rd. in Winnipeg


Got the decals printed and applied. Next task is to paint and apply the rest of the grab irons and other detail parts.



Finished assembly today. Nothing tests the patience like trying to insert a windshield wiper into a #78 hole.

Tomorrow I hope to shoot the dullcote.....



BN Modeller
Very nice, hard to tell its a train line!
Have you seen the CITI genet they're running now?


Finished up the GP9RM yesterday with a coat of dullcoat. It is sitting on the base of the Parma display case that I added ballast too. The customer is supposed to pick it up this weekend. I hope he likes it!


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