Anniversary of Sorts


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Today is the anniversary of my starting a job with General Motors. If I was still working it would have been my 40th anniversary of employment. Retirement sure has been great, I do not know how I ever had time to work I am so busy. Although while working I think (know) I budgeted my time much better. I had to to get all of the honey do's done, work my 40 hour plus job, do the volunteer work I did at the time and have time for relaxation. I rarely get much relaxtion although my wood shop is more productive(more and better tools than I have ever had.
Hey Larry! Congrats! Ain't retirement great. I have been retired 6 years, and it just keeps getting better. Whenever I start missing the old job, I just pop over to school and hang out for a while (actually they hire me to do sound), listen to what is going on, and raise my eyes to heaven and say, "Thank You Lord!"

How many days in a retired person's week?

Seven. Six Saturdays and one Sunday.