A new design !!!!!

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The everknowing one,LOL
A design I was looking for,, and a new design is what I got.lol

The drawings are done by Mike Collier. I can not take credit for those. But the ideas are a joint venture between Mike and I.

A little backround..... Finally the land manager, gave me right to the complete garage, as before it was half or maybe even less. But I digress. Through E-mails and instant messaging Mike and I conversed and what you see here is the result. I had though about filling the whole garage with trains,,, but with just me,,,,, maintence would be a killer.

So could this be the holy grail,,,,,, or is it still floating out there in the minds of all the track planners???? lol

The order is staging level bottom,,, then the second level,, then the top of course!!!! 614 pieces of flex and 140 turnouts, the track will be laid. The Helices and staging take 332 pieces of flex, that leaves 282 pieces of cd 55 flex needed for visable trackage..

AM I CRAZY!!!!!!!

Well here are the drawings, see anything you don't like,,, or could use a different idea,,, speak up. The dimensions are 17' along the top wall,, 20'-6" down the side and 18' along the bottom.

Couple of questions,.,,,, what should be the distance between levels?? Also what is everyone's prefrence as to the height of the top level??

As you can tell that is the staging level in the pic below. I might just make it parralell the wall instead of going in the penisula.


Here we have the first level of ops, or the second level. How ever you look at it. I love how Mike has added working live interchanges and junctions. I think he has a special touch for that.


And last we have the top level,,, with what Mike and I call the M.O.A.E.,,,Mother of all elevators,,,,,,Suffice to say the yard at the bottom of the drawing will hold 140 plus covered hoppers.. After all the SOO owned a fleet of 66,000 covered hoppers.


So right now I need to get a storage shed for the back yard, so I get all non train related junk out of the garage!!! LOLOLOL ( insert favorite evil sinister laugh)

Any input,,, and offers to help would be great!!!

Adios Wyatt


The everknowing one,LOL
I guess it is the shock and awe factor,,,LOL. Any one in texas want to help???

Adios Wyatt


Looks really good SOO. I guess everything is bigger in Texas :)


Armchair Engineer
Wow. That is going to be some awesome layout. How long do you think it will take to build? Can't even imagine how many hours it would take to lay all that track.Will love to see it take shape. Ron

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