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Grandson of ALCO Bldr

Starting to go through my inventory as I prepare my build on the bench work. I have had all my MRR stuff stored for a few years. So it's like Christmas morning opening all these boxes lol. So so many totes and boxes. All will be out before long.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Beautiful stuff! Looking forward to following along - ---
Surely you must have a U-50 and a Turbine in there some where?
How much room do you have to plan with?
Turbine yes...U50 not yet....have @175 UP locos and some fallen flags. 700 plus rolling cars. My layout will start small then will move to new addition in back of my house which will be 60x20 on the upper level. Lower level is where my boat and truck will be. My other hobby is fishing...not bass all species I travel all over to hunt and fish. I am a man of many different hobbies lol. I have no kids so this affords me that luxury. Was married once been divorced 10 years now. Haven't found a woman that enjoys my passions of the outdoors and travels yet and tolerate me.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Pictures are coming soon....got the 2 rooms cleared out this week. This weekend I will be framing up my 2x4 modulars. Hope to install at least one wall. Have to get 3 more sheets of plywood from Home Depot Saturday morning. 4 more sticks of 2x4s at 8' length. Shop vac dust bags and 4 sheets of 2" foam board. Also (4) 1x12s and (2) 1x16s for my shelving units that will be above the layout. Then off to Wally world for 4 more LED shop lights 3200 lumens at 16 bucks a pop. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Ht-3200-Lumen-Led-Shop-Light/475774824 These work great I have (6) of the 5000 lumens in my garage and I wired them in on a switch. Absolutely love them! Easy on the electric bill too!


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Well better late than never.....I finally got some time in this weekend. Slow and steady is my pace. I have been really busy at work this time of year I get slammed. Any who.....I was able to finish clearing out the the room, removed old shelving closet crap, ripped out the carpet etc. Painted the walls white and re did the ceiling white as well. I will repaint later after the grid goes up for the "sky blue" etc. Today I finally got the ledger board up! I tend to over engineer things at my slow and steady pace. I also want ya'll to know this is not a permanent layout. So this is temporary. This late spring early summer I am having a general contractor build my garage addition to my existing 2 stall garage which will also be torn down and re-built for 2nd story to match the main house as I mentioned previously. So here we go....


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