A good visit to the LHS today

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Dr Frankendiesel
I went to the LHS today and picked up a Kato ALCO RSC-2, an Athearn PB-2, a Santa Fe Canadian grain hopper, a 3-quart bag of dark green lichen, 4 bags of fine gray talus and 2 bags of WS fine turf (1 weeds and 1 burnt grass). Total cost $186.14

The two locos were 30% off! How's that for dealing?


Diesel Detail Freak
Looks like you made off better then me, I made out with an auction I won, and a $30 Genesis box car (pre-weathered).


New Member
I didn't do too bad myself. I received these in the mail:

-Broadway Limited Paragon series AC6000CW SP DCC/Sound
-Kato C44-9W SP Dash 9 stealth off of Ebay(suprised that it came with a NCE DCC decoder not mentioned in the auction!!!)
-Athearn Genesis SD75M SF stealth

Then I went to the lhs and saw that they finally got some new locos and bought:

-Broadway Limited Paragon series UP AC6000CW dcc/sound
-Broadway limited Paragon series CSX (#629) dcc/sound
-Broadway Limited Paragon series CSX(#649) dcc/sound

All in all, 6 locos in a day isn't too bad. The LHS had the AC6000cw's for 199.99 and I got my usual discount.

Also, glad that I am finally able to post on here as I couldn't for the past few months.
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I was off work this week and really didn't have much to do. I try to buy something new atleast once a week.


cool, I won a Atlas alco rs 1 and a rs 3 total invested 50 bucks or so for BOTH, I also won a Walthers/Cornerstone North Island Refinery to go with my chemical refinery


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I will check their inventory and if they have another 1 at either 2 stores, I will forward their website/phone number so that you can deal with them direct. I was thinking of buying 2 more CSX's and listing on Ebay for those who can't find them.


Southern Railway lives on
You both made a hauling. My birthday is coming up so I'll see what I get.



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Up Ac6000cw

They have 1 more UP AC6000CW at their other store for 199.99. If you are still interested, I can forward their # and web address. They have 6 more CSX AC6000's ...3 of the #829 and 3 of the #849 and the 1 of the UP#7529.

Also picked up a Norfolk Southern C44-9W from Kato yesterday. If anyone has any wide cab NS's that they want to sell, let me know. I can get the SD70's and 80's, but looking for another Dash or AC4400cw. Kato,Broadway or Atlas would be great.
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I would go that route then. The difference for me was I got my usual discount and no waiting for the mail. Best wishes.


For those that picked-up the new UP AC6000CW's, I have a question. On the first run of the UP AC6000CW's, the UP models had walkway mounted ditch lights. There were many complaints about the lights being too dim, making them very hard to see.

The new BLI UP models have pilot-mounted ditchlights...are they still hard to see when running...are they still dim?

Hopefully that made sense ;)



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They still have the 7529 UP with DCC/Sound at the LHS. I am not sure about the dim light as I have not taken the loco out of the wrapper yet, but I will get to it some time next week. We were at the club last night and left after 3AM and the 6000's are way heavier than any SD90 and pulls as good if not better than a Proto E8 and weighs a bit more actually.

I am seriously thinking of buying them all if they are still there when I get back in town next week.


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UP modeling

When I started out, I modeled UP and Santa Fe because of ease of availability. I have downsized my UP fleet to 8 locos and am now focusing on local lines here in Jax. Fl. like NS,FEC, and CSX, but you will also see UP,BNSF,and just rescently a KCS was spotted at the NS yard. That gives me alot of options too:)

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