A few of my favorite scenes...


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These are a few of my favorite scenes from my layout. Hope
you like 'em. Dave







That is WHAT scale???? :) I can almost hear the toads croaking in the fishing scene! VERY nice work!!
Great shots Dave and your doing a heck of a good job with the scenery. I believe my favorite is the 5th one down. Looks like the morning run to Possum Bluff, Ga. :D
My favorite is the 2nd one, the "mid-day sun" shot of the engine terminal.:cool: With the electrical panel and the WS bags cropped off-screen, it reminds me of some of the prototype photos I used to get when I had to avoid going on railroad property.
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Very nice Dave, thank's for sharing with us. I'm kind of attracted to the last photo as it reminds me of a very early morning sunrise shot. Would have been much more convincing if the paint can wasn't there :D, but what the heck, it's work in progress and it's still a excellent scene.

Thanks everyone for the kind words!
Sorry about the various materials in the photos, this very much
a "work in progress"... "progress" being a little slow sometimes.:D

Good luck, Dave
I like the 3rd one down the best. The detail of that Specrtum mountain is shown quite clearly. Though it could use a little weathering...:D
AGGRO said:
I like the 3rd one down the best. The detail of that Specrtum mountain is shown quite clearly. Though it could use a little weathering...:D

The ONLY way that loco would get any weathering would be if
I was to send it to you... I am not secure enough with my weathering
skills to attemp it myself. I have yet to see ANYONE on the forums that
I frequent that can hold a candle to your work. Keep up the fine
weathering. Dave
Grande Man,
Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot... I know you hang out
with that dadgum Alabama fan with the nice big layout.:D Plus, I've
seen your fine work. Dave

BTW, I really liked your scratch built signals.
Hello Dave,

Just finished browsing your photos. Nice work. I like the shot over looking the main next to the river. What was your technique for water:confused: ? (If you don't mind sharing). I'm about to do some for the first time and am trying to gather all I can.

Can't wait to see more of what your doing!!

Great work:D

I don't mind sharing at all. I use a product called KraftKote. It is
made by Klockit. It is a two part polymer that was recomended
by my LHS. The stuff works great and has a fairly slow set-up time,
so adding details is not a problem. It hardens in 24 hours and is fully
cured in 72 hours.

I will eventually add some rapids and such using Water Effects by
Woodland Scenics.

As far as the river bottom and the pond, I just used Earth Colors from
WS. I kind of played it by ear until I got the effect I needed. Just
remember, the deeper the water the darker. Then feather in the lighter
colors as you work toward the more shallow water. Good luck, Dave
That's great scenery, Dave! Keep the shots coming.

Oh, I see that you're a Florida fan. Too bad, as I happen to be a Tennessee fan...:)