A few cool ore mine pics

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Hi everyone. I took these pics today in an old (circa late 1800s) iron ore mine. While I had the property owner's permission to be on the land, I'm not at liberty to name the mine due to privacy issues. Normally, I wouldn't post pics without telling the history behind them, but these are pretty cool shots. ;) The mine was a pick and shovel affair with mules to pull product up the slope tracks. It was served via the L&N.

The view on the trip in. Water from the mine is still used, hence the PVC water lines.

Crosstie remnants.

Mined out area. The slope does a 180 degree turn nearby and the slope is flooded a short distance further down.

Flooded slope.

I took this shot of the view down the entry tunnel on the way back out.


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Pretty cool, Eric. Just looking at the pix reminds me of my clostro, clastra, clostru,...........I'm afraid of tight spots!!



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I started feeling the same Johnny, creepy dizzy yucky feeling came over me!! Time to get outa here.

Eric you've really got some history in your part of the world.



It must be a great experience to sit down and imagine the work being done over 100 years ago. I don't have claust.. clastic...you know what I mean, but I still remember my Mom warning me that my butt would be on fire if I went anywhere near the old mines in Kentucky.
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grande man

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It must be a great experience to sit down and imagine the work being done over 100 years ago.

It is a cool experience Rex.

I'm still trying to figure out how they got the ore out. The entry was level (drift) and then did a sudden 180 and the slope took off to China with the ore seam. How did they get the carts thru that tight turn? Maybe there was a spur off the turn that the cars were pulled into, a switch thrown and then the cars pulled back out the entry...


Eric, a thought just came across: I have a neighbor that works for the Alabama Oil and Gas board at the University and a friend that works at the Geological Survey of Alabama. If you need some research help or sources, let me know. All though they may not be able to help directly, they can certainly put you in the right corner. Very good folks.


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Normally, I wouldn't post pics without telling the history behind them,
Thankfully you did, Eric those are terrific shots, gosh wish I was along on those trips. It's been a lot years since I've been in a mine it would be kind of neat to have a look around one again (sure as heck don't want to work in one though :eek: )

grande man

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Rex, Please tell your friends what it is I'm doing and see if they have any info or advice. I'd love to hear what they have to say. Interestingly, one of my new friends, Alex, knows a fellow that was a geologist for Woodward Iron and TC&I. He's affiliated with the group that's working on the Red Mountain Park project. I hope to meet him sometime soon.

Willis, I'm glad you enjoy the pics. You would be welcome on any of our trips. Stay tuned. There's a possibility of a few pics from inside a District coal mine coming soon. Don't worry, if it happens it'll will be done with professionals, air quality sensors and Scott breathing equipment. If it doesn't happen soon though, the chance will be gone as the site will be bulldozed shortly.

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